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Release Owners

  • For any questions related to landing of particular features, Beta scheduling, preffing on/off a feature, release notes etc for a particular Firefox version on any channel, below would be the best contacts in addition to emailing

Currently, each release manager each takes a version of Firefox and follow it from nightly through beta, and release. Whoever has just done a release will then "own" the next ESR and work on the new nightly.

Firefox Version Owner Secondary Eng support TPE Eng support Releng¹ Corresponding ESR Release date
Firefox 58 Gerry callek, sfraser, nthomas, rok, jlund 2018-01-16
Firefox 57 Ritu Kothari Julien Cristau & Sylvestre Jim Mathies Ethan Tseng callek, jlorenzo, nthomas, sfraser, jlund Liz 2017-11-14
Firefox 56 Liz Henry Gerry Chang Panos Astithas Shian-Yow Wu kmoir, sfraser Julien Cristau 2017-09-26
Firefox 55 Julien Cristau Liz Henry Mike Taylor HsinYi Tsai garbas, mtabara Gerry Chang 2017-08-08
Firefox 54 Gerry Chang Julien Cristau Nathan Froyd Peter Chang mtabara, aki Ritu 2017-06-13
Firefox 53 Liz Henry Gerry Chang Randell Jesup Blake Wu aki, jlorenzo Julien Cristau 2017-04-18
Firefox 52 Julien Cristau Sylvestre RyanVM Astley Chen jlorenzo, jlund Gerry 2017-03-07
Firefox 51 Gerry Chang Liz Henry Milan Kan-Ru Chen jlund, mtabara Ritu 2017-01-24
Firefox 50.1.0 Ritu Julien Cristau Andrew Overholt Rail, mtabara Liz (45.6.0) 2016-12-13
Firefox 50 Ritu Julien Cristau Andrew Overholt Rail, mtabara Liz 2016-11-15
Firefox 49 Liz Gerry Chang David Bolter Callek Sylvestre 2016-09-20
Firefox 48 Sylvestre Ledru Gerry Chang James Willcox Ritu Kothari 2015-08-02
Firefox 47 Ritu Kothari Jim Mathies Liz Henry 2016-06-07
Firefox 46 Liz Henry Sylvestre 2016-04-19
Firefox 45 (ESR) Sylvestre Ledru Ritu Kothari 2016-03-08
Firefox 44 Ritu Kothari Liz Henry 2016-01-26

¹ - Releng Coverage Notes

Release Engineering will provide 24/5 coverage (PT Sun-Fri) with varying levels of support for 57.0 and the 58.0 cycle. See Releng Releaseduty Coverage calendar for specific availability and local timezone.

Releng covers a given release beginning at the second beta for the cycle listed and ending on the first beta shipment of the follow-up cycle.