Releases:Release Post Mortem:2015-03-24

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  • Most releases affected by bustage from bug 1053814 and bug 1105485
  • Possible scheduler issues around bouncer checks?
  • post-release step is important now!

Firefox 37.0b7

  • beta-cdntest builder had to be poked manually because of missing win64 stub installer bug 1140411

Firefox 36.0.3

  • Mac partner builds failed a couple of times due to bug 1008052. We seem to hit this more often when there's lots of releases going on.
  • Whatsnew page required manual intervention
  • Pushed to cdn earlier to let QE test sooner. Forgot to run checksums before doing that.

Firefox 36.0.4

Firefox 31.5.1esr

  • Abandoned because it was missing a fix

Firefox 31.5.2esr

  • Pushed to cdn earlier to enable QE testing.

Firefox 31.5.3esr

Round table

  • pre-warming CDNs
  • giving relman access to push-to-beta and post-release builders