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Tasks & Projects
SeaMonkey Homepage
AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey - Localization
SeaMonkey Sync
Add-on compatibility tests
Ideas for a new debugQA-add-on
IRC Chat Logs

The Problem

Currently information concerning new activities in the SeaMonkey porject is scattered to many areas and communication channels like mailing lists, chats, Newsgroups, blogs, ... Volunteers are rare, and currently there is no central information what tasks are waiting for a volunteers with required enthusiasm and skills for contribution. So we might lavish existing enthusiasm and skills of willing volunteers only because they can not find "their" project.

The Plan

Contribute information with a clear definition of upcoming tasks and projects, and so offer “bitsize" tasks and projects what do not require too much background, but have a clear definition what skills will be required. So interested users will have a chance for "learning by doing", guided by mentors.


For a limited time a single user or a team will work to reach a defined goal; when the goal will have been reached the project will be terminated


A single user or a team will take care for unowned work like maintenance for this wiki (SeaMonkey area), contribute blog articles, do marketing or whatever else for a long period without defined end.