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Reach out to more users

  • [MISSED] Develop easy-to-use sign post system for social media support to reach out to more users (shared with Engagement) - Kadir + David + Michael
  • [DONE] Extend our support to include Firefox 4 beta users - Details - Cheng + Kadir + Michael
  • [MISSED] Make it easier for users to get support for crashes through a revamped about:crashes experience (shared with Socorro and Engineering) - PRD - David + Michael

Make Mobile support a first class citizen on SUMO

  • [DONE] Merge Mobile and Desktop Firefox support sites - PRD - Michael + Cheng
  • [DONE] Extend Mobile support to include Android content - Michael + Cheng

Provide better support metrics

  • [DONE] Report weekly Firefox 4 beta support metrics from the new support forum - Cheng

Strengthen our community

  • [DONE] Energize the community by hosting at least three Summit sessions aimed for the volunteer community - Details - Kadir + Michael + Cheng + Matthew
  • [DONE] Develop PRD for a karma system for Kitsune - Kadir + Michael
  • [DONE] Develop PRD for the user/group part of Kitsune - Michael + Kadir
  • [DONE] New support forum promotion - Kadir + Cheng
  • [DONE] Support <-> QA (write plan for how to weave education of the support community into our processes) - Cheng + Kadir + Matthew
  • [DONE] Maintain the contributor home page with useful data for contributors - Matthew + Kadir + Cheng