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Would Like to thank Michelle for taking this meeting

michelleluna: hi all [3:00pm] michelleluna: satdav asked me to host this meeting for him

[3:01pm] michelleluna: the first item on the agenda is welcome

[3:01pm] michelleluna: I think the idea is to start up an IRC meeting once per month as has been done in the past

[3:02pm] michelleluna: I like an IRC meeting, so I'm happy to attend these

[3:02pm] michelleluna: and would like to hear from you all

[3:02pm] michelleluna: are there any topic to add to the agenda?

[3:02pm] michelleluna: *topics

[3:05pm] michelleluna: himorin_ Propeng Tobbi Ziggy_Maes still interested in IRC meeting today?

[3:05pm] Ziggy_Maes: michelleluna: sure

[3:06pm] michelleluna: cool

[3:06pm] Ziggy_Maes: Haven't attended a meeting for months...

[3:06pm] michelleluna: lucky!

[3:06pm] michelleluna:

[3:07pm] michelleluna: satdav asked me to lead the meeting for him

[3:07pm] Ziggy_Maes: Got an agenda URL?

[3:07pm] michelleluna:

[3:07pm] Ziggy_Maes: thanks, okay

[3:08pm] michelleluna: so, welcome! I believe there was a regular IRC meeting for sumo in the past and we're starting one again each month on the first Thursday

[3:09pm] michelleluna: so maybe the apologies part of the agenda is that we haven't had one for a while

[3:09pm] Ziggy_Maes: Yeah there was, once a week if I'm not mistaken...

[3:10pm] michelleluna: did you attend those?

[3:11pm] michelleluna: I think Kadir led them...

[3:11pm] michelleluna: anyways, item #2 on the agenda is the SUMO facebook page

[3:11pm] Ziggy_Maes: I did, but that was about a year ago. Once a week was apparently to much. And yeah, he did.

[3:11pm] michelleluna: cool

[3:12pm] michelleluna: if there were things you liked about that meeting, let me know and I'll incorporate them

[3:13pm] Ziggy_Maes: There should still be logs around somewhere, I might quickly go through them again

[3:13pm] Ziggy_Maes: I'll let you know.

[3:13pm] michelleluna: ah, good point

[3:13pm] michelleluna: thanks

[3:16pm] michelleluna: do you know where the sumo facebook page is?

[3:17pm] michelleluna: I don't know where to find it, so I can't give any update on that topic

[3:17pm] Ziggy_Maes: I can only find the group

[3:18pm] michelleluna: where is that?

[3:18pm] Ziggy_Maes:

[3:19pm] michelleluna: oh, thanks

[3:20pm] Ziggy_Maes: Do you have any idea what the SUMO page would be about?

[3:20pm] michelleluna: I really don't [3:20pm] michelleluna: I will ask satdav to update the etherpad with details for this item and for accessibility

[3:20pm] Ziggy_Maes: Okay, cool

[3:21pm] michelleluna: do you have thoughts you want to share about Live chat?

[3:21pm] michelleluna: I expected that this would be the main topic for the meeting that people wanted to discuss

[3:22pm] tobbi__ left the chat room. (Client exited)

[3:22pm] Ziggy_Maes: yes (typing)

[3:25pm] Ziggy_Maes: Only the obvious, I've been saying it for a long time (and I think a lot of us have?). Spark obviously is not the right platform to use. But I think you already know that. Livechat is definitely something to keep, but only when we have enough resources to actually make it work. From what I understand, sumodev is currently unable to focus on livechat. Is that right?

[3:26pm] Ziggy_Maes: (sorry for the slow response, it's nearly 1AM here)

[3:27pm] tobbi__ joined the chat room.

[3:27pm] michelleluna: no worries,

[3:28pm] michelleluna: yes, this is exactly what zzxc communicated to me, that spark was simply not a good tool

[3:28pm] michelleluna: you are correct that sumodev is unable to focus on livechat

[3:30pm] Ziggy_Maes: Also

[3:32pm] Ziggy_Maes: After reading some forum posts today I realized that there were hardly any 'easy to deal with' issues, only more technical ones. Livechat would be a lot easier to solve these types of issues, while 'lost bookmarks' and 'crashing' issues can easily be resolved using the forum.

[3:33pm] michelleluna: good point

[3:34pm] michelleluna: I heard that from others too

[3:35pm] Ziggy_Maes: When giving live support, you know what you're doing and what you want to do/check. While on a support forum you forget about it, you answer, pick new question and carry on only to find yourself in that same situation again the day after (when the user responded with their finding), thinking what you were planning to check to resolve the issue.

[3:36pm] Ziggy_Maes: If I may suggest something, I don't know whether it would be useful/doable or not but I'm just going to say it... Maybe some kind of personal notepad for each thread would be useful?

[3:36pm] michelleluna: right, it is disconnected to a greater extent

[3:37pm] Ziggy_Maes: Exactly

[3:39pm] Ziggy_Maes: By the way, interrupt me if I'm going off-topic or talking non-sense. I tend to do that

[3:40pm] Ziggy_Maes: nonsense*

[3:40pm] michelleluna: no not at all

[3:40pm] michelleluna: this is good feedback

[3:42pm] michelleluna: quite god in fact for 1am

[3:42pm] michelleluna:

[3:43pm] michelleluna: ah, maybe we could add a note pad to the dashboard of your profile just thinking out loud

[3:45pm] Ziggy_Maes: Like it being profile based?

[3:46pm] michelleluna: right

[3:46pm] michelleluna: I think you have a dahsboard for threads already

[3:46pm] michelleluna: *dashboard

[3:47pm] Ziggy_Maes: Oh what? There are? Did I miss something huge?

[3:48pm] michelleluna: oh no, actually it only has threads from the contributor forum

[3:48pm] michelleluna: you didn't miss anything

[3:48pm] michelleluna: but you can go to my contributions in the forum to see all of the answers you've posted

[3:49pm] michelleluna: 'My Contributions' is a link that filters the forum

[3:50pm] Ziggy_Maes: Okay, but I mean like a an independant notepad for each thread that tracks the things that you give in as rememinder to yourself (or other contributors for that matter).

[3:52pm] Ziggy_Maes: The profile notepad is actually also a great idea, keeping track of what you were doing with that user

[3:56pm] michelleluna: I see

[3:57pm] tobbi__ left the chat room. (Client exited)

[3:57pm] Ziggy_Maes: I'm just thinking out loud here, I'm sure you'll figure it out haha

[3:58pm] michelleluna: yeah right!

[3:59pm] michelleluna: but, this is good info because I was talking about how long it can take to resolve an issue in the forum yesterday and more tools might help

[4:00pm] michelleluna: to make that process easier to follow

[4:00pm] Ziggy_Maes: Yeah

[4:02pm] michelleluna: ok, well thanks for your thoughts here and for meeting with me, I really appreciate it!

[4:03pm] Ziggy_Maes: Sure thing, sorry that I'm not on my brightest! Going to seek out my bed now

[4:03pm] michelleluna: have a great time at the conference this weekend

[4:04pm] michelleluna: goog night!

[4:04pm] michelleluna: *good

[4:04pm] Ziggy_Maes: Thank you, I will! Good night

[4:04pm] Ziggy_Maes is now known as Ziggy|AWAY.