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Mar 01 21:19:13 <satdav> Welcome to the sumo meeting for march 2012
Mar 01 21:19:22 <satdav> the agenda for todays meeting is on
Mar 01 21:19:59 <feer56> Welcome!
Mar 01 21:20:19 <satdav> Welcome everyone
Mar 01 21:20:31 <satdav> the previous minutes can be seen on the sumo thread
Mar 01 21:20:32 <rosana> :) thank you for making it
Mar 01 21:20:37 <feer56> Is that all? or is there more people?
Mar 01 21:21:40 <satdav> their is more andrew
Mar 01 21:22:05 <satdav> first on the agenda tonight is Sumo Forums - what feature would you as a contributor like to see in the forums
Mar 01 21:22:28 <feer56> Which forum? Contributors or questions?
Mar 01 21:22:36 <satdav> well its both the same
Mar 01 21:22:47 <satdav> well all of them i am regarding it to be
Mar 01 21:23:45 <rosana> what do you think is nice to have?
Mar 01 21:24:04 <feer56> Not really. Maybe an easier way to track who's question is resolved and in a different pile and then the unresolved in a different pile for the ones we've contributed to.
Mar 01 21:24:08 <satdav> well I was speaking to the dev team and they have conformed browser ID is getting added
Mar 01 21:24:19 <satdav> true feer56
Mar 01 21:25:09 <satdav> I have asked the dev team to join
Mar 01 21:26:03 <madalina> feer56: do you mean solved or replied?
Mar 01 21:26:28 <satdav> madalina, I guess thats what he means
Mar 01 21:26:36 <feer56> Solved to not be seen again.
Mar 01 21:27:08 <madalina> ok got it
Mar 01 21:27:18 <Ziggy_Maes> If I may?
Mar 01 21:27:25 <satdav> go ahead Ziggy_Maes
Mar 01 21:27:27 <feer56> Yes Ziggy_Maes.
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Mar 01 21:27:51 * r1cky ( has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 21:28:16 <Ziggy_Maes> Since the forums are generating lots of questions, and they seem to be pretty advanced... Last time I told Michelle that it'd be really nice to have some way of tracking the current question (as in, a personal notepad). I don't know if anyone read last month's logs, I talked about it starting 3:36PM
Mar 01 21:28:27 * michelleluna ( has joined #sumomeet
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Mar 01 21:28:56 <satdav> r1cky, we are discussion some stuff relating to the forums the now some of the stuff is dev related
Mar 01 21:29:21 <feer56> Yes, I remember that Ziggy_Maes.
Mar 01 21:29:35 <feer56>
Mar 01 21:29:38 <feer56> Am I correct?
Mar 01 21:29:51 <satdav>
Mar 01 21:30:04 <satdav> thats the sumo day feer56 thats differnet to the meets
Mar 01 21:30:16 <satdav> that pastebin is a log of whats been said upto now
Mar 01 21:30:33 <rosana> this sounds like the type of feedback that Topal could use, when planing the next features
Mar 01 21:30:43 <satdav> yes true
Mar 01 21:30:47 <Ziggy_Maes> Well, if anyone wonders, I'm talking about these logs:
Mar 01 21:30:50 <feer56> Yea, somebody wanna notify him.
Mar 01 21:31:12 <rosana> maybe if we put something more specific on an etherpad he can include that in his product plans
Mar 01 21:31:21 <satdav> true
Mar 01 21:31:30 <feer56> OKay.
Mar 01 21:31:40 <rosana> so how about creating an etherpad for that kind of feedback
Mar 01 21:31:41 <feer56> satdav: You want to do that?
Mar 01 21:31:54 <rosana> he could always look at it and you can constantly update it
Mar 01 21:32:01 <madalina> we can set it as an action item for Topal and we can follow up on that
Mar 01 21:32:19 <satdav> would a bug not be better assigned to topal
Mar 01 21:32:28 <satdav> then he can update it as soon as it happens
Mar 01 21:32:29 <rosana> we should keep in mind, that it's not possible to implement all feature requests, but I'm sure that the dev team and Topal are more than happy to have your feedback!
Mar 01 21:32:49 <feer56> rosana: Of course!
Mar 01 21:32:50 <satdav> rosana, r1cky is from the dev team
Mar 01 21:33:03 <r1cky> yeah but Topal is the product owner
Mar 01 21:33:09 <satdav> true
Mar 01 21:33:11 <r1cky> He prioritizes features and such
Mar 01 21:33:17 * matthewrbowker (matthewrbo@AADAA470.9D9C3E79.3ED9AD7C.IP) has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 21:33:25 <satdav> so whats the best way to give him feedback on r1cky
Mar 01 21:33:36 <satdav> Welcome to the meeting matthewrbowker
Mar 01 21:33:43 <r1cky> I think summarize proposals into forum posts
Mar 01 21:34:03 <feer56> That should be good once this meeting is all over.
Mar 01 21:34:18 * matthewrbowker waves.
Mar 01 21:34:22 <matthewrbowker> Sorry I'm late
Mar 01 21:34:30 <satdav> its fine
Mar 01 21:34:53 <satdav> its fine matthewrbowker we decided to start early today as we had a lot of people here
Mar 01 21:35:13 <rosana> I think we can start with an etherpad and tweak the feature request until it goes in the forums
Mar 01 21:35:21 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 21:35:31 <rosana> btw hello matthewrbow!
Mar 01 21:35:32 <satdav> rosana, I will set up one
Mar 01 21:35:38 <rosana> satdav thanks!
Mar 01 21:35:42 * matthewrbowker waves to rosana
Mar 01 21:36:14 <rosana> that could be a good way of first having a "convesation" between contributors and being able to provide good requests to Topal
Mar 01 21:36:20 <satdav>
Mar 01 21:36:27 <satdav> their you guys go
Mar 01 21:36:42 <feer56> Thank you.
Mar 01 21:36:50 <satdav> will make a post about it
Mar 01 21:37:03 <madalina> sounds good
Mar 01 21:37:08 <rosana> great :)
Mar 01 21:38:20 <satdav> made a post for it
Mar 01 21:39:01 <satdav> we all done with Sumo Forums - what feature would you as a contributor like to see in the forums
Mar 01 21:39:45 <feer56> I think so - unless anybody else have anything to say?
Mar 01 21:40:30 <satdav> should we move on to the mobile one since r1cky is here as he maybe knows if they are doing a mobile theme or site
Mar 01 21:41:15 <satdav> or cary on as the agenda plans
Mar 01 21:41:30 <satdav> next on the agenda is Facebook page your feedback
Mar 01 21:43:45 <satdav> As some of you is aware we started doing support on facebook last may, We have had a lot of possitive stuff relating to it
Mar 01 21:43:59 <satdav> me Ishaq and feer56 are some of the helpers on it
Mar 01 21:44:18 * matthewrbowker just learned about it. Cool idea!
Mar 01 21:44:27 <feer56> satdav: We have a survey did a while back?
Mar 01 21:44:30 <feer56> done*
Mar 01 21:45:02 <feer56> matthewrbowker: Its it cool.
Mar 01 21:45:16 <satdav> feer56, can you mind the survey link
Mar 01 21:45:24 <feer56> is the survey we had people do.
Mar 01 21:45:29 <feer56>
Mar 01 21:45:34 <feer56> results are in there
Mar 01 21:45:49 <feer56> Password is "firefox" without quote I believe - correct satdav?
Mar 01 21:46:22 <madalina> this is very cool we actually want to work more on using facebook support from now on
Mar 01 21:47:11 <feer56> Yes - but the original page where people post questions first is where support is better provided or people with issues to be directed to the support page.
Mar 01 21:47:15 <madalina> satdav: do you get a lot of questions?
Mar 01 21:47:35 <satdav> yes but we do get a lot of questions
Mar 01 21:47:35 <feer56> madalina: About a few times a week.
Mar 01 21:47:52 * You've invited williamr to #sumomeet (
Mar 01 21:47:52 * satdav invited williamr into the channel.
Mar 01 21:48:16 <feer56> matthewrbowker and ziggy_maes thanks for the like!
Mar 01 21:48:33 <satdav> we are recuiting new menbers daily
Mar 01 21:48:52 <matthewrbowker> feer56: np :)
Mar 01 21:48:53 <satdav> well this week
Mar 01 21:48:55 <feer56> satdav: daily?
Mar 01 21:49:06 <satdav> matthewrbowker, do you want to be a support menber on it
Mar 01 21:49:14 <madalina> that's great! what are the problems that you have encountered?
Mar 01 21:49:14 <satdav> if so you are hired
Mar 01 21:49:32 <satdav> one of the many problems are marketing it
Mar 01 21:49:35 <satdav> I would say
Mar 01 21:49:39 <matthewrbowker> satdav: Yes, tha'd be great! I enjoy doing support but I can't actually write for the kb because of time.
Mar 01 21:49:40 <feer56> madalina: Our biggest we need helpers in is for T-Bird and SeaMonkey
Mar 01 21:50:11 <feer56> satdav: Do you want to add him or should I?
Mar 01 21:51:15 <madalina> ok we will need to work on promotion and expanding the whole thing
Mar 01 21:51:16 <satdav> I will
Mar 01 21:51:44 <madalina> but it def looks good
Mar 01 21:51:45 <feer56> madalina: Yes we do!
Mar 01 21:52:21 <madalina> so let's talk about it further and see how we can do that :)
Mar 01 21:52:52 <satdav> feer56, you are better to do it
Mar 01 21:53:04 <satdav>
Mar 01 21:53:10 <satdav> matt request to join their
Mar 01 21:53:26 <satdav> thats the back end chat we have for the contributors to discuss the page
Mar 01 21:53:42 <feer56> matthewrbow: Hit me up a friend request.
Mar 01 21:53:51 <feer56>
Mar 01 21:54:13 <satdav> also do the same with me
Mar 01 21:55:07 <satdav> rosana, you still with us
Mar 01 21:55:14 <rosana> yes, I'm here
Mar 01 21:55:17 <satdav> or michelleluna or Ziggy_Maes as you have went quiet
Mar 01 21:55:23 <Ziggy_Maes> Yeah I am
Mar 01 21:55:26 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 21:55:42 <matthewrbowker> satdav feer56 Done :)
Mar 01 21:55:43 <satdav> we are also looking for translators for the page madalina
Mar 01 21:55:49 <satdav> cool will accept it m8
Mar 01 21:56:56 <satdav> accepted it their
Mar 01 21:57:23 <Ziggy_Maes> Uhm could we please get back to the meeting points, instead of actually working on things? I mean, otherwise there's no point in having a meeting (no offence ;) )
Mar 01 21:57:25 <feer56> matthewrbowker: Done and done.
Mar 01 21:57:32 <madalina> ok, so let's start an etherpad where we can put down what you guys have been doing and how can we expand on it
Mar 01 21:57:47 <satdav> I will
Mar 01 21:57:50 <madalina> sorry Ziggy_Maes got carries away :)
Mar 01 21:57:51 <feer56> ziggy_maes: Awaiting for satdav now.
Mar 01 21:57:52 <matthewrbowker> feer56 satdev: Thanks :)
Mar 01 21:58:00 <Ziggy_Maes> No problem, just asking ;)
Mar 01 21:58:13 <satdav> Ziggy_Maes, but we are still on about the facebook page
Mar 01 21:58:38 <feer56> Ill be in about 20-25 minutes.
Mar 01 21:58:45 <feer56> I'l be back*
Mar 01 21:58:49 <satdav> r1cky, you might be able to help with the next question
Mar 01 21:58:58 <Ziggy_Maes> satdav: Yeah no I mean, I'm okay with discussing it! It's just that I feel that
recruiting etc should happen once the meeting is done, otherwise this'll be a very, very long meeting.
Mar 01 21:59:13 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 21:59:20 <satdav> I will go back to that at the end
Mar 01 21:59:29 <matthewrbowker> OK, switching internet for a minute. BRB
Mar 01 21:59:31 <satdav> so the next point on the agenda is welcome new staff / welcoming new contributors
Mar 01 21:59:40 <satdav> OK matthewrbowker thats fine
Mar 01 22:00:27 <satdav> I would like to welcome madalina to the sumo team and tylor
Mar 01 22:00:37 <satdav> also all of the new contrubitors
Mar 01 22:00:41 <rosana> that was my point
Mar 01 22:00:45 <rosana> :)
Mar 01 22:00:48 <rosana> yes
Mar 01 22:01:05 <rosana> but I also wanted to talk about how we welcome new contributors to SUMO
Mar 01 22:01:08 * matthewrbowker has quit (Ping timeout)
Mar 01 22:01:12 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:01:17 <satdav> wait till matt comes back
Mar 01 22:01:22 <feer56> rosana: That's what it good.
Mar 01 22:01:25 <rosana> I started recruiting people and welcoming them on the forums
Mar 01 22:01:40 <feer56> I think michelleluna thanks for their contributions?
Mar 01 22:01:42 <rosana> I'll wait, sorry
Mar 01 22:01:59 <feer56> michelleluna: Ping.
Mar 01 22:02:17 * Bubo ( has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:02:18 <michelleluna> I have done a couple of things, that rosana will be doing more of
Mar 01 22:02:23 <satdav> hi Bubo
Mar 01 22:02:44 <feer56> Okay. Thanks michelleluna.
Mar 01 22:02:48 <rosana> hey bubo
Mar 01 22:02:50 <rosana> :)
Mar 01 22:03:26 <michelleluna> and madalina will also as she recruits new helpers, I suspect
Mar 01 22:03:31 <feer56> Ok, ill be back in 20 minutes.
Mar 01 22:03:45 <satdav> Ok feer56 will post logs to you
Mar 01 22:03:46 <madalina> yes, i'm going to help out with that too
Mar 01 22:04:07 * Lucy ( has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:04:09 <rosana> shall we wait another bit for matt?
Mar 01 22:04:22 <satdav> what do you think
Mar 01 22:04:41 <satdav> we should just carry on
Mar 01 22:04:58 <satdav> next on the agenda is ReMo SUMO SIG update
Mar 01 22:05:02 <rosana> I was saying that I will try to bring more new people to the forums
Mar 01 22:05:05 <satdav> rosana, do you want to talk about that
Mar 01 22:05:29 <rosana> :)
Mar 01 22:05:52 <satdav> or would Lucy be better if she is free
Mar 01 22:05:59 <rosana> I wanted to ask all of you to help us making those new contributors feeling home :)
Mar 01 22:06:03 <Lucy> well I wouldn't have joined if i wasn't free ;)
Mar 01 22:06:07 <Lucy> but can't say if i'm better
Mar 01 22:06:17 <satdav> !op madalina r1cky
Mar 01 22:06:18 * tan (tanner@66090057.89B7F6A1.E1FC2552.IP) has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:07:01 <satdav> !op r1cky
Mar 01 22:07:01 * killer gives channel operator status to r1cky
Mar 01 22:07:06 <Lucy> I have a coment before things start
Mar 01 22:07:10 <satdav> !op madalina
Mar 01 22:07:10 * killer gives channel operator status to madalina
Mar 01 22:07:17 <satdav> OK go ahead lucy
Mar 01 22:07:19 <Lucy> it would really help to get more participation if more of the content was shared in the forum
Mar 01 22:07:20 <rosana> so if you see new faces, you can try to help them get started, and then we'll have more of us
Mar 01 22:07:40 <rosana> what content do you mean Lucy?
Mar 01 22:07:42 <Lucy> I wouldn't have joined this meeting if i hadn't been asked (omg busy) but looking at the agenda, I do have answers and thoughts on those topics
Mar 01 22:08:06 <Lucy> I know yo uguys are working on that, it's something I mention a lot, but not sure if I'm ever specific enough to get the point across
Mar 01 22:08:33 <Lucy> so the meeting notes posted on forum will say "get news about forum progress" but that means nothing. put a little "teaser" if you will
Mar 01 22:09:05 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:09:09 <Lucy> maybe post the full agenda in the forum with the meeting announcement, not just the link
Mar 01 22:09:23 <satdav> thats what i done for the minutes
Mar 01 22:09:33 <satdav> can we speak about that at the end
Mar 01 22:09:39 <Lucy> sure
Mar 01 22:10:00 <satdav> we should move on, someone posted Any news with LiveChat or still in hiatus as of the moment?
Mar 01 22:10:53 <Ziggy_Maes> We skipped the SIG update
Mar 01 22:11:07 * rosana_ ( has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:11:11 <satdav> sorry
Mar 01 22:11:21 <satdav> Ziggy_Maes, we done it their
Mar 01 22:11:25 <satdav> as rosana done it
Mar 01 22:11:43 <satdav> rosana, can i ask you to make a post regarding the sig update so everyone can see it
Mar 01 22:12:03 * rosana has quit (Ping timeout)
Mar 01 22:12:04 <rosana_> you mean in the forums?
Mar 01 22:12:27 <Lucy> something a lot of people do when they use etherpads is fill it out as the meeting goes, so the agenda turns into the minutes
Mar 01 22:12:36 <satdav> yes in the woforums
Mar 01 22:13:17 <satdav> Lucy, minutes are going on the new wiki page
Mar 01 22:13:41 <rosana_> I will make a post about the SIG
Mar 01 22:13:44 * matthewrbowker (matthewrbo@AADAA470.9D9C3E79.3ED9AD7C.IP) has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:14:03 <matthewrbowker> Darn it, I hate school wifi! Sorry about that...
Mar 01 22:15:06 <Lucy> satdav: but if you fill in the etherpad you can just copy it over
Mar 01 22:15:27 <Lucy> orthe wikipage can just link to the etherpad
Mar 01 22:15:35 <Lucy> just a suggestion, it seems to work really well
Mar 01 22:15:46 <Lucy> also people coming late can get up to speed
Mar 01 22:17:34 <satdav> its fine matthewrbowker they are crap
Mar 01 22:17:41 <satdav> yes true
Mar 01 22:18:43 <Lucy> satdav: do you still need me or should i just watch for the forum post/
Mar 01 22:19:06 <satdav> Lucy, if you want to stay you can
Mar 01 22:19:08 * matthewrbowker has quit (Ping timeout)
Mar 01 22:19:15 <satdav> matthewrbowker, will update you with logs
Mar 01 22:19:18 <rosana_> should we move on with the agenada?
Mar 01 22:19:23 * satdav gives channel operator status to rosana_
Mar 01 22:19:24 <Lucy> satdav: I would but I'm really busy :-\
Mar 01 22:19:32 <satdav> ok
Mar 01 22:19:42 <satdav> rosana_, we will carry on
Mar 01 22:19:45 <Lucy> I'll stay in chan but I won't be paying attention. Ping me if you do need me
Mar 01 22:20:14 <satdav> Any news with LiveChat or still in hiatus as of the moment
Mar 01 22:20:37 <satdav> its still in hiatis the now as far as i am conserned
Mar 01 22:20:56 <satdav> added it to the meeting for zzxc to answer but he was not at it on monday
Mar 01 22:21:38 <rosana_> AFAIK it is on hiatus
Mar 01 22:21:42 * matthewrbowker (matthewrbo@AADAA470.9D9C3E79.3ED9AD7C.IP) has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:21:57 <rosana_> does anyone of you miss it a lot?
Mar 01 22:22:16 <Lucy> I know the main live chat helpers do
Mar 01 22:22:22 <feer56> I'm back satdav.
Mar 01 22:22:29 <satdav> cool mate
Mar 01 22:22:30 <Lucy> I don't have time to help out much lately, but I just don't like forum support
Mar 01 22:22:34 <satdav> it would be good
Mar 01 22:22:40 <feer56> I do help out on live chat.
Mar 01 22:22:47 <satdav> for it to get back as i have had a lot of people emailing me about it
Mar 01 22:22:50 <Lucy> It could be improved, but most of the problems forum support has aren't problems on live chat
Mar 01 22:23:18 <Lucy> this is why i suggested a forum feature that works like facebook chat, that if you're on at the same time as the user you have a chat, and if you're not it shows up as messages back and forth
Mar 01 22:23:34 <satdav> true
Mar 01 22:23:41 <satdav> was speaking to some companys about it
Mar 01 22:23:43 <rosana_> Lucy: I think this is a good idea, and Topal mentioned it
Mar 01 22:23:53 <Lucy> thanks!
Mar 01 22:24:00 <satdav> and zopon what intergrates with the browser
Mar 01 22:24:06 <satdav> they can help mozilla out
Mar 01 22:24:07 <rosana_> but I think we need to wait until the dev team has time
Mar 01 22:24:23 <Lucy> I think live chat vs forums really comes down to how you like to manage your time, I guess the forum helpers like the time to research an issue then reply later
Mar 01 22:24:29 <satdav> rosana_, that is correct as far as i am conserned
Mar 01 22:24:36 <Lucy> but I much prefer helping someone start to finish, you see how many chats never get followed up on
Mar 01 22:24:47 <Lucy> err how many forum threads i mean
Mar 01 22:24:57 <matthewrbowker> Lucy: +1
Mar 01 22:25:26 <Lucy> rosana_: for full disclosure, if you didn't already know, I was the original live chat lead Mar 01 22:25:38 <Lucy> I have a *lot* of thoughts on the matter!
Mar 01 22:25:54 <satdav> Lucy, did you not start up livechat on sumo
Mar 01 22:26:04 <Lucy> satdav: yes, that's what I just meant
Mar 01 22:26:10 <Lucy> i was on the team before djst actually
Mar 01 22:26:23 <rosana_> Lucy: thanks I was aware that you have been a very active member, but wasn't aware that you started the live chat
Mar 01 22:27:02 <Lucy> rosana_: I'd be happy to speak candidly over email or private message sometime if you'd ever find that helpful
Mar 01 22:27:31 <rosana_> Lucy: that would be great
Mar 01 22:27:51 <satdav> Lucy, so was it you who started up sumo then
Mar 01 22:28:02 <Lucy> satdav: no, it was a bit of a joint project
Mar 01 22:28:18 <Lucy> choffman and samsidler were working on it at the same time that mconnor was planning web based support in browser
Mar 01 22:28:37 <satdav> oh so thats a long time now
Mar 01 22:28:43 <Lucy> jtbatson was the original manager and he brought on me, cilias and jason barnabe
Mar 01 22:28:48 <Lucy> to run each of the areas
Mar 01 22:28:54 <Lucy> then djst was hired to be team lead
Mar 01 22:29:16 <satdav> is that all for livechat
Mar 01 22:29:18 <Lucy> more detail can wait for later don't want to hold up the meeting!
Mar 01 22:29:25 <Lucy> no, for SUMO
Mar 01 22:29:28 <satdav> OK its fine
Mar 01 22:29:31 <Lucy> cilias ran the kb, jason barnabe ran forums
Mar 01 22:29:36 <Lucy> I guess it started in 2007
Mar 01 22:29:49 <satdav> whoa
Mar 01 22:29:53 <Lucy> yes that would be right, summer 2007 is when we were brought on
Mar 01 22:30:08 <satdav> thats very long
Mar 01 22:30:23 <satdav> good on you mind you for keeping up all of the sumo work
Mar 01 22:30:23 <Lucy> david came in in I think august or september, and jtbatson left in sept or oct
Mar 01 22:30:37 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:31:10 <rosana_> but I think that the live chat is actually missed by a lot
Mar 01 22:31:17 <satdav> it is
Mar 01 22:31:19 <rosana_> Topal is aware of this
Mar 01 22:31:30 <rosana_> and I think he will work on making the forums more like the chat
Mar 01 22:31:34 <satdav> rosana_, would be good if we just done msn support or that
Mar 01 22:31:34 <Lucy> rosana_: there has always been a rich history between sumo and live chat
Mar 01 22:31:49 <Lucy> i can tell you later in email or what you prefer
Mar 01 22:31:54 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:32:02 <satdav> lucy if you post on the thread in sumo
Mar 01 22:32:15 <satdav> that would be easier
Mar 01 22:33:09 <rosana_> I understand that it has a history
Mar 01 22:33:20 <Lucy> satdav: it gets into some internal politics that I'd happy to discuss in a conversation but don't think it would be appropriate for a forum thread
Mar 01 22:33:28 <rosana_> Lucy we should talk about this, I'd love to hear about your experiences
Mar 01 22:33:29 <Lucy> it would be too easy to misinterpret, especially since it was long ago
Mar 01 22:33:39 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:33:47 <rosana_> yes, but I think we can focus here on what we can do now
Mar 01 22:33:51 <satdav> lucy if you want to talk about it on the next meeting
Mar 01 22:34:00 <rosana_> to provide better support and to keep the good contributors engaged
Mar 01 22:34:31 <satdav> michelleluna, you still with us or madalina
Mar 01 22:34:47 <madalina> i'm listening :)
Mar 01 22:34:50 <Lucy> I just replied to the feedback thread with a link to an old thread
Mar 01 22:35:02 <Lucy> (hey look Im still here!)
Mar 01 22:35:20 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:35:26 <Lucy> (this is what I mean by putting more specific info out there, I wasn't going to stop by but the topics are engaging me!)
Mar 01 22:36:20 <Lucy> i think a lot of focus is put onto the dev side of things, but I think a lot more should depend on processes, how people work together
Mar 01 22:36:30 <rosana_> ok, let's try to find a better time and organize better the agenda of this meeting for the next time :)
Mar 01 22:36:33 <Lucy> not everyone has unlimited dev resources but they ahve still been successful
Mar 01 22:36:48 <satdav> true
Mar 01 22:36:49 <Lucy> IRC support worked out very well, though wouldn't scale
Mar 01 22:37:17 <Lucy> Live chat recruited a lot of really great helpers, like Cww and zzxc, and you satdav
Mar 01 22:37:33 <rosana_> yes I know
Mar 01 22:37:39 <Lucy> I think the fact that people were interacting with eachother right away was a big deal
Mar 01 22:37:47 <rosana_> Lucy: true
Mar 01 22:37:56 <satdav> true lucy
Mar 01 22:38:03 <rosana_> as I understood Topal he's trying to build that into the forums
Mar 01 22:38:23 <rosana_> it'S just going to take time
Mar 01 22:38:38 <Lucy> of course, though there are 2 perspectives, how to build wha tyou need, and how to use what you have to do what you need
Mar 01 22:38:48 <Lucy> I think there's too much focus on the first one
Mar 01 22:38:56 <Lucy> well no, there isn't too much, because thats important
Mar 01 22:39:02 <Lucy> I think it's just at the cost of the second sometimes
Mar 01 22:39:10 <rosana_> I get you point Lucy
Mar 01 22:39:29 <rosana_> and how can we make the best of the actual situation?
Mar 01 22:39:50 <Lucy> right. I think if we have some better workflow processes in place we could simulate a lot of it in the meantime
Mar 01 22:40:08 <Lucy> like sending a private message to a new helper to welcome them, rather than just adding to a thread they already helped
Mar 01 22:40:27 <rosana_> exactly Lucy, in the long run that's the way to go
Mar 01 22:40:37 <Lucy> and that's a process issue, not a software issue
Mar 01 22:40:51 <Lucy> so stuff like that
Mar 01 22:41:19 <rosana_> I think we could talk on a separate meeting about that
Mar 01 22:41:26 <Lucy> sure
Mar 01 22:41:39 <rosana_> it's very important
Mar 01 22:42:16 <rosana_> I don't want to push, but I need to get going
Mar 01 22:42:37 <satdav> I have removed the mobile bit as that would be better at a dev meeting rather than here
Mar 01 22:42:45 <satdav> next up What would you like the community managers to help you with
Mar 01 22:42:50 <rosana_> yeay
Mar 01 22:42:50 <Lucy> rosana_: i agree, they're big topics
Mar 01 22:43:13 <Lucy> could even benefit from a work weekend with the main contributors
Mar 01 22:43:13 <rosana_> any special wishes from your side guys?
Mar 01 22:43:28 <rosana_> Lucy: good idea! let's think about it :)
Mar 01 22:44:10 <rosana_> Madalina and I are new here, but we're going to try to make your lifes easier
Mar 01 22:44:24 <madalina> yes guys, now it's time to ask
Mar 01 22:44:30 <satdav> you are doing good rosana_ considering your new
Mar 01 22:44:33 <rosana_> so if there'S anything you think we could help you with, we're there
Mar 01 22:44:57 * Sirius ( has joined #sumomeet
Mar 01 22:45:01 <satdav> rosana_, and madalina did michelle tell you about the project i am involved in
Mar 01 22:45:20 <madalina> which one?
Mar 01 22:45:22 * Sirius is now known as Bubo2
Mar 01 22:45:23 <satdav> the accessibility team if not for me they would not be changing the colours of text
Mar 01 22:45:34 <satdav> on sumo
Mar 01 22:45:44 <satdav> I do the accessibility team
Mar 01 22:45:51 <rosana_> satdav: michelle told me
Mar 01 22:46:16 <satdav> maybe christine could speak to you guys about that at a dev meeting
Mar 01 22:47:00 <Bubo2> satdav: Colours of the text?
Mar 01 22:47:49 <satdav>
Mar 01 22:47:54 <satdav> see that bug
Mar 01 22:48:32 <rosana_> so satdav: can madalina or me help you with anything?
Mar 01 22:48:43 * You've invited firebot to #sumomeet (
Mar 01 22:48:43 * satdav invited firebot into the channel.
Mar 01 22:49:04 <satdav> not at this time
Mar 01 22:49:36 <satdav> well was wondering if we can have a survey on the site to ask the people what they would like to see on the site
Mar 01 22:49:40 <satdav> for our point of view
Mar 01 22:49:53 <satdav> michelleluna, ^
Mar 01 22:51:28 <michelleluna> hi
Mar 01 22:51:56 <satdav> hi michelleluna
Mar 01 22:52:15 <michelleluna> sorry, I'm answering a forum post that Alice needs help with, but this is a question that rosana and madalina can answer, I think (they will say so if I'm wrong
Mar 01 22:52:31 <satdav> probly
Mar 01 22:52:41 <rosana_> satdav I think we can work on that together
Mar 01 22:52:47 <satdav> yes
Mar 01 22:52:51 <satdav> that would be good
Mar 01 22:53:50 <feer56> satdav: Survey about what?
Mar 01 22:54:35 <Bubo2> Asking the users how we can best hel them?
Mar 01 22:54:36 <satdav> to see how they would like to see it improved
Mar 01 22:55:12 * Bubo2 is gonna guess a lot of requests for phone support
Mar 01 22:55:21 <rosana_> satdav: I think that there are some surveys already, can I check and get back to you about that?
Mar 01 22:55:38 <satdav> that would be fine
Mar 01 22:55:59 <r1cky> there is a plan for exist survey
Mar 01 22:56:08 <r1cky> should happen soon, just for this purpose
Mar 01 22:56:18 <satdav> cool
Mar 01 22:56:25 <r1cky>
Mar 01 22:56:28 <satdav> thanks r1cky for the update
Mar 01 22:56:30 <satdav> on that
Mar 01 22:56:34 <satdav> about the survy
Mar 01 22:56:48 <r1cky> i meant exit survey not exist ;)
Mar 01 22:57:13 <satdav> its fine
Mar 01 22:58:14 <satdav> 9 possible new time zone for meeting: options:
Mar 01 22:58:19 <satdav> thats next on the agenda
Mar 01 22:58:38 <satdav> what about 5pm gmt
Mar 01 22:58:47 <satdav> what will be 6pm at holland and that
Mar 01 22:59:00 <Bubo2> I,m moving next week, to UFC+9:30
Mar 01 22:59:12 <Bubo2> Utc rather
Mar 01 22:59:16 <satdav> OK
Mar 01 22:59:27 <satdav> so what time will that be for you
Mar 01 22:59:37 <Bubo2> Not sure what my work schedule will be