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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-11-08

  • Sumo
    • 0.1 milestone status [1] (morgamic)
      • 0.1 milestone to be completed today
    • Branch/upstream issues
      • Need to classify code contributions
        • Design/Template bugs - should just remain in our theme
        • Features - some of them are already requested in Tiki and should go upstream, some of them are specific to us
        • Bug fixes - Should always go upstream
      • Nelson to make sure our fixes are classified and appropriately managed upstream
    • Weekly metrics [2] [3]
      • Much of the stats we want to gather are from the Tiki DB and depends on bug 398606
      • Idea is to populate a spreadsheet every week and use it to see changes since last week, and make nice charts
      • Hopefully we can automate much of this in the future
    • 0.2[4] and 0.3[5] bug lists
      • We need to get an overview of how much time we need for 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4.
        • 0.3 (forums) and 0.4 (chat) are Q4 goals.
        • 0.2 (l10n) might need to be pushed back after 0.4.
        • Nelson to provide a rough estimate for the time required for 0.2 and 0.3 on Monday
        • 0.4 shouldn't be a problem and has a deadline set to mid December
    • Press list is up. Add what you can. (cilias)
      • Should remove MozillaZine news
      • Add the other Mozilla News site Asa was talking about
  • Knowledge Base
    • Video Contest [6]
      • Put on hold for now until we have an understanding of the milestone time requirements
    • We finally have a vivid overview the contribution process [7]
      • We want to ensure Chris is a happy man!
    • Article layout status?
      • Check in fixes on staging and if it looks good, Nelson files bug to check in changes to live server.
      • Jason has patches ready for review by Nelson
  • Live Chat
    • Wrote up steps to sign up to test live chat [8]
    • Chat server still broken
      • morgamic to look into it next week
      • Bug filed to get Live Chat server up and running [9]