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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-01-28


  • Weekly metrics [1]
    • Significant increase of traffic the last couple of weeks, due to the Support link for en-US
    • Top 3 search result is Thunderbird -- also due to the Support link.
      • Need to do something about that. Suggested mockup that moves the menu up above the fold and introduces a big link to Thunderbird. [2]
  • 0.5 milestone status (localization)
    • Make auto-generated content localizable [3]
      • Either we do it using SVN, or we do it on a web interface (would require approx. 2 days of development for Nelson to finish).
        • Short-term, it might be easiest to just mail out the config file per locale to the locale owners and merge them back into the trunk ourselves.
    • Locale detection? [4]
      • SUMO will automatically detect the locale based on the language settings in Firefox.
  • Nelson will check in Jason's patches and schedule a live server resync this week.

Knowledge Base

  • Last week: 2 new article requests, 0 new articles. The previous week: 9 new article requests, 4 new articles.
    • Possible reasons: many current contributors are working on previous articles assigned to them. Maybe spending time contributing in the forum, which is getting a lot more traffic now.
  • In-product status
    • All 36 locales imported [5]
    • 24 locales responded
      • 15 locales fully committed to updating their content for Firefox 3
    • 13 localizers haven't responded yet
    • Chris has started work on updating the 13 en-US articles for Firefox 3. Still needs review, and we also need to check with the development team to make sure we're not jumping the gun.


  • Increased traffic lately; 400 new threads per week
  • New forum moderator: Quarantine
  • More people answering questions in the forum too
  • No non-English questions in the forum
  • Question about opening forums in other languages
    • We will probably not do this before Firefox 3 is launched
    • Would be interesting to figure out the need for forums in other locales first

Live Chat

  • Update from Matthew (zzxc), Live Chat contributor
  • Live Chat currently closed, despite being the official open hours. (Reopened soon after the meeting finished)
  • After the Digg effect, the number of helpers went from around 80 active and inactive accounts to about 18 active contributors.