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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-02-04

Attendees: djst, chris, jason, lucy, nelson, jeremy, andrew


  • Weekly metrics [1]
    • Added comments for some metrics that require changes in Tiki/Jive
    • Chris, Jason, and Lucy to go through the list and make sure we have bugs filed for the metrics requirements
  • 0.5 milestone status (localization)
    • Lots of checkins last week; need to test stuff today and tomorrow
    • Auto-generated text will be using dynamic variables, and we will create a normal wiki page (only visible to locale leaders and admins) that will include all variables for easy editing
    • Depending on outcome of testing, file a request for server push on Tuesday
  • In-product status
    • Bug for in-product landing page [2]
      • Let's decide what to do with this page asap

Knowledge Base

  • We are continuing to get a lot of comments from people expecting a reply. Chris stopped removing comments, so you can get a better idea of the problem.
  • There are patches on the staging server for this, but we're waiting on the "Ask a Question" page.
  • No new contributors. Older contributors are continuing to contribute.
  • 3 new article requests, 3 new articles
  • Some confusion about article assignment, and where article discussion goes.
    • The person who verifies a KB article bug will put up a note that the discussion should continue in the discussion thread for that SUMO article instead
    • Should investigate whether we can use TikiWiki's task tracker or generic tracker instead of Bugzilla for article requests
      • We originally chose Bugzilla because of its powerful management capabilities and to encourage existing Mozilla contributors to help us out


  • Not much has changed since last week; about the same traffic
  • Jason to go through a large number of the questions asked to try to get an overview of our status and what the most common problems are

Live Chat

  • Firebot now tells us when Live Chat changes state in #livechat - Thanks Cww!
  • New new account process: "trainee queue"
  • Firebot now tells us when a new account is created - Yay Cww!
  • Exam time: open less, no new helpers
  • emailed and talked with jive: review or list of top bugs and prioritize