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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-03-03

Attendees: djst, cilias, lucy, nkoth, zzxc


  • Weekly metrics [1]
    • Traffic to site steadily increasing -- more than doubled the last couple of weeks!
  • 0.5 milestone status (localization) [2]
    • Done, pending one low-priority bug [3] that we will slip
  • 0.6 milestone status (in-product help) [4]
    • In-product mode will land this Friday [5]
    • Start page has been cleaned up [6], but we need to move top 10 list out to a content id block to make sure we can change it without touching the localized pages. Also, we need to decide on the New to Firefox box. Suggestion: just a stylish, large box with the text "New to Firefox? Click here!" Clicking on it would take you to the in-product landing page [7]

Knowledge Base

  • Week before last: 0 article requests, 3 new articles [8]. Last week: 0 article requests, 4 new articles[9].
  • New en-US contributor: David Naylor (naylor83), who has been fixing use of language, to make English articles more understandable. Also, he has translated some articles to Swedish. Welcome, and thanks, David!
  • Big thanks to Alice Wyman, who improved the Importing from Netscape article.
    • Per djst's request, we're not going to bother making sure SHOWFOR is applied to all article that need it. Instead, we're going to make sure the top 50 articles are taken care of, and hope the community takes care of the rest.
      • Just to clarify, I don't think it's a high enough priority for us to do the update on all articles. The important thing is that we make the technology easy for other contributors to use and understand, and update the most read articles to show how we intend for the technology to be used. -- djst
    • The above necessitates that we create new dynamic content, that is basically the current dynamic content, but with SHOWFOR. This way, articles without SHOWFOR won't be broken.
  • Content ID
    • We're currently reusing blocks of text in articles that are used in more than one article, e.g. instructions on how to access the Options/Preferences window. To make this easier to use, we currently use something called content ids, which is like a variable we insert in a wiki document, e.g. {content id=4}, which then translates to the actual text, e.g. "In the menu, click Tools and then click Options..."
    • We need to switch from using e.g. {content id=4} to use {content label=options} instead.
      • Unlike content ids, content labels are localizable
      • Easier to remember a word than a number
      • Chris to write documentation for contributors and localizers on how to use this
  • Need to switch from using content ids to use content label


  • Jason couldn't make it to this meeting.

Live Chat

  • Presented list of our biggest issues with the live chat software to Jive
    • Initial response from Jive that it would be too time consuming for them to work out an arrangement where we can hack on it ourselves. They will try to work on some of the stuff on the list while considering other ways we could collaborate with them instead
  • Need to focus on recruiting -- excellent doc written by Cww after brainstorming with other community members.
    • Definitely some very good points on things we can do to improve our community energy
    • Nelson to ask Mark Laporte of TikiWiki to read the document and see if there's anything about the IssueTracker feature that can be used here