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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-03-10

Attendees: djst, cilias, np, lucy, nkoth


  • Weekly metrics [1]
    • Forum traffic steadily increasing
      • Jason posted interesting statistics on forum traffic in the newsgroup [2]
  • 0.6 milestone status (in-product help) [3]
    • Redirect service [4] depends on:
      • Renaming en-US articles to their final names (chris)
      • Actually writing the .htaccess rules (nelson)
      • Getting info about helptopic titles for start page and "For Internet Explorer Users" (mconnor?)
    • In-product help page status
      • Content is "done" from our point of view; the issue now is keeping in sync with future UI changes and determine when we can tell localizers that the en-US pages are frozen
        • Bugzilla keyword user-doc-needed allows us to see what UI changes will require us to update the documentation, but it depends on developers actually using it
        • ui-review flag could also be used to get a better idea of what's coming up
  • General discussion about future plan/goals
    • Improve forums (0.7)
      • Right now, the forum is just a web forum, lacking tools that would make it more suitable as a support forum
    • Improve search (probably 0.8)
      • Would be interesting to see how well the built-in tiki search engine matches our requirements [5], since that engine by default has the ability to integrate with categories, tags, languages, etc
      • Google forces us to use hacks to get stuff like help vs support article separation
    • Screencasts for KB

Knowledge Base

  • 1 new article request, 2 new articles [6][7]
    • Note that that's just the Bugzilla stats; actual new articles including translations: 11
  • Gathering nominees for hidden tags [8]
  • freetags are now localizable [9]
    • Existing tags created in languages other than en-US need to specify their language so they don't appear in en-US articles; Chris has posted in the l10n newsgroup [10]


  • Jason's stats reveal that there might be a large group of people who visit the forum once, post their question, and then can't find their way back to the question they asked. Encouraging people to register might not be convenient for this group of people.
    • Need to make it easier for users to keep track of their question. Suggestion to create a page after a question has been posted that would present different ways to keep track of it, e.g. using Live Bookmark (RSS), by providing an e-mail address, or by registering.

Live Chat

  • At least 2 new trainees
  • Changed max chats to avoid helper burnout
    • The maximum chat per helper can be reduced per helper by not closing finished chats. Lucy to document this.
  • Cleaning out unused accounts
  • Need administration sub-category and permissions for trusted Live Chat helpers, so they can help updating the documentation
    • Lucy to file needed bugs