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Maybe the tabbed browsing options are too complicated: I don't think very many users will want to open DDE calls in the current window, nor do many users care if the tab bar is hidden when only one tab is used. Instead of having many complex and "obscure" options (obscure to most users), we should instead provide a single option in the general tab to choose between single window mode (open new tab for popup, DDE, bookmarks, history, searches and perhaps urlbar, basically click2tab+url2newtab+new 1.0 popup-to-tab option enabled) and multiple window mode (the present firefox behaviour)

For the update tab, wouldn't it make more sense to put the Check now button under the help menu?

We might also need to clean up the Font & Colors dialogue and place a few important options such as minimum font size, force link underlining etc. onto the general tab or a new display tab (Many websites love to use small fonts and obscure links by disabling link underlining).

For the privacy tab, it would be nice if we can add an option to always allow session cookies. Also, we might want to display a notification when a cookie has been blocked and open a summary dialogue similar to that of IE6 for the user to enable cookies for a specific site.

-- Since this is a discussion, some comments from me (sysKin). Feel free to ignore or delete them. All IMHO:

- cookies -> "unless I have removed cookies set by the site": isn't it very difficult to understand? I think a normal Blacklist is easier, so instead of this option you'd get a button "edit blacklist" (and cookies removed would go there... I think it's this way in 1.0?)

- Enable JavaScript -> ( Advanced...): These are ones of the most useful options EVER. However, they are hidden in a modal dialog, under a non-descriptive name "advanced" (how about "javascript permissions" or "JS allowed actions"). Perhaps a non-modal way would be possible?

- "Move system caret with focus/selection changes": bug 271420 (NEW) says it should be renamed. Perhaps it's a good opportunity to resolve this bug. Also see bug 258751 comment 0 point 4 (NEW)

- "Select new tabs opened from links": ugh.. has ANYONE ever understood these words? See bug 258751 comment 0 point 6 (NEW)

- Advanced -> update. Is there a need for two update buttons?

[ sysKin's useless typing ends here ]


The first thing I noticed is that this is based on either an older version or newer version than 2x, as mine do not match these options. There are plenty of Firefox users out there who will find this very confusing. I don't think it will be a bad idea to create an options explanation for each version and perhaps even a basic tutorial on another page (linked from here of course) for how to check what version one has. magnoliasouth 17:59, 17 May 2007 (PDT)