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Please use this space to discuss the challenge and to share ideas.

Ideas from Jesse Ruderman

  • Organize the top 50 crashes by component (layout, networking, javascript engine, etc), guessing based on the directory the source file is in.
    • Are you able to group crashes from different builds? In the trivial case, one can group crashes within one build, but if one symbolicates the stack and use regex matching, one can group crashes that have occurred in different builds. Is this being done now? - ray
  • Let me see a topcrash report for crashes in a given component.
  • In tables, use background colors (saturation or brightness) so that large numbers stand out. A table cell containing the number 91 might be darker than a table cell containing the number 19, for example.
  • Make crash regressions stand out so they can be stomped quickly (while the regression range is both knowable and recent). Currently they only really stand out if the regression causes crashes very frequently.
  • Show the number of users who hit the crash rather than the number of incidents.
  • Put 04, 05, 06 builds in the same column (morning builds from different platforms).
  • Make the date at the top a link to bonsai listing checkins between the two nightlies.
  • Per-platform reports.
  • A "help me reproduce this crash" report: list all the incidents that have URLs or descriptions.

Ideas from Smokey Ardisson

  • Make the crash numbers in the builddate columns clickable; clicking would pull up a query returning just those incidents (i.e., just that build's crashes for that particular stack signature)
    This would be useful when trying to separate crashes in common crash stack signatures...say a fix is checked in for one crash with that signature, there are a few days of clear, and then more crashes appear again with that signature; I want to quickly and easily be able to pull up the incidents for that signature in that build to see the full stack, details, etc., without having to pick out those reports from the mass of incidents with that common signature).


If you have any questions, please post them here. I will be checking this space regularly and want to try to answer as many as I can here, so others can benefit as well.