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tb-support-crew is a mailing list to support the volunteers who are supporting Thunderbird users - with timely support information, hot support links (e.g. support threads, websites and knowledge bases) and "meta" issues - in, MozillaZine, GeckoZone and wherever folks are supporting Thunderbird users. This list's language is English but we welcome and encourage "bridge" volunteers who support users in non-English but can read and write English, for example folks who support Thunderbird users in German but who also know English. tb-support-crew is a community to help contributors better support Thunderbird users in their community.

Explicit non-goals:

tb-support-crew is, by default, an un-moderated private list:

  • Anyone who can demonstrate that they have supported Thunderbird users (usually via a public URL) can subscribe and read the messages.
  • Only members can post. Posts from subscribers are not moderated.
  • Why private? Because any public mailing list or web site with the word "support" in its title will have users asking for support (again end user support is, MozillaZine, GeckoZone etc).

Messages should be on topic and:

  • Be nice (in other words, no personal attacks, ranting, etc.)
  • Be constructive (in other words, no repetition, venting, etc.)
  • Use the following topic keywords enclosed in square brackets anywhere in the subject line:
    • [hot] for informal,timely, raw support links and discussion
    • [sumomo] for material pertaining to aka "SuMoMo"
    • [general] for anything that's not hot or SuMoMo

Examples of discussion we are looking for:

  • Timely links to raw informal support information (e.g. public forums, blogs, knowledge bases, etc)
  • We have this support issue in our community, anybody else seen this in their community? Any ideas on how to fix this for users?
  • Top support issues in a particular support community.
  • We need a knowledge base article for this topic, does anybody know of one?
  • Encouraging & increasing community involvement in support & other Mozilla communities.
  • Effective management of the relationship between bugzilla <--> support venue <--> users.
  • Best Practices: How Can Community Support Contributors support Thunderbird users better?

Messages that do not meet these rules may result in moderation of the subscriber. Whitelisting membership may be used at the discretion of the list-owner (currently rtanglao AT

Subscribe or unsubscribe at

Informal IRC Channel: The #tb-support-crew IRC channel on is a companion IRC channel to the tb-support-crew mailing list.

Feel free to use the IRC channel for informal chat but please make sure everything that's not transient is documented on tb-support-crew mailing list, or the relevant Mozilla or 3rd party site.