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Tinderbox is a continuous integration tool. It runs and displays the results of automated builds and tests. Tinderbox at Mozilla was replaced by Buildbot and TBPL (and now, Treeherder). For more information, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Tinderbox

The goal for this wiki is to document the procedures and processes necessary to setup, run and keep running a Tinderbox server.

This wiki is titled "Tinderbox" instead of Tinderbox2 or Tinderbox3 as we should be able to document overall Tinderbox usage and, if necessary, flag any sections as being specific to that version of Tinderbox.


Ken Estes is the original author of Tinderbox2

Mike Taylor is a co-maintainer of Tinderbox2

Overview of Tinderbox 2.0


Tinderbox2 currently resides only in the Mozilla CVS Repostory. Be careful to only checkout the Tinderbox2 tree - otherwise you stand a good chance of retrieving the entire Mozilla source tree which is rather large.

This is the cvs command to checkout only Tinderbox2:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot co mozilla/webtools/tinderbox2

Setup and Configuration

The Install file located in the root of the Tinderbox2 source tree has an excellent overview of what is needed and the order to follow. However, there are a few Tinderbox2 Setup Notes here.


Tinderbox 3 is another vision of Tinderbox and is intended to be easier to set up and have lots of nifty new features.

John Keiser's Tbox3 page seems to be the de facto homepage for Tbox3.


Setup and Configuration

Tinderbox 3 currently suffers from an acute lack of documentation, although some progress has been made in this area. Please see the Tinderbox3 Setup page.