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This page outlines a few end user scenarios/use cases for the Advanced Search option being developed for AMO. Work in progress is testable here.

Case A: Basic uses of Advanced Search

  • Type some search text and specify one additional criteria - do you get what you expect?
  • Try searching with Fx 2 & Fx 3 - do you get different results due to auto-setting of the version range compat field?
  • Cycle thru each field and only change one value and see if the results are what you expect?
  • Can you find/skip experimental add-ons? (I thought we had this as a field?)

Case B: Empty Search Text

  • Searching with a blank search text means return all addons matching criteria.
  • Ensure that a note appears on the search form that highlights the fact that you can do an empty text search to find all add-ons that meet the specified criteria.
  • Can I find all Fx 3 compatible themes? (do I use Type or Category as the search criteria?) - do both work? They should.

Case C: Compat Range Searches

  • Allow users to easily pick the production version range for their browser. Fx 2 is "2.0" to "2.0.0.*" and Fx 3 is "3.0 to "3.0.*".
  • Do we still allow "small ranges"?
    • No
  • Is it an intersection search, e.g. You pick 3.0b1 to 3.0b5 should it match an add-on that has 2.0 to 3.0.*?
  • Also try 3.0.* to a lower version, such as 0.3 -- does it still find add-ons in the middle?
  • What happens if you pick a min value that is greater than the max value?

Case D: Platform Searches

  • When you filter on platform, you see only add-ons that are compatible with that platform.
  • If you select "Any"/All, you should also see results that include platform-specific addons. E.g. searching for eBay and Any should show the MacOSX version of eBay Companion

Case E: Category/Type

  • What is the interaction of Category which is outside of the Adv Search fields? It should apply
  • Do we need a type all so that you can search BOTH themes & ext?

Case F: Multi-Field

  • Change two or more fields and see if the join works as expected.
    • Can I find all "Flickr"-related Fx 3 add-ons?
  • Advanced users may want to bookmark searches, esp. ones involving "Last Updated"
  • Look for Fx 3 extensions updated within the last week

Case G: UI interaction

  • Set some criteria, and then close the Adv Search, do the fields still apply?

Case H: Non-Fx

  • Search for non-Fx app add-ons
    • Are version ranges correct?
    • What happens to the categories?
    • What about types? (e.g. SeaMonkey has no search plugins)