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Some humble suggestions:

- Rating of 0
- Listing things by (and with) the total number of downloads recorded, instead of the number of downloads this week
- Use input abstraction functions such as get_param($param[string],$type["integer"|"string"|"html"|"float"],$required[boolean]);  and post_param([same args]); to make injection prevention much easier and more standard.
- (This probably isn't your area, but it's related.) Making Firefox *always* re-download XPIs, instead of retrieving them from the cache (if they have been cached).
- Some Ajax would be nice, where appropriate :-D

UMO Goals

I find it incredible that localizability is not among the stated 2.0 goals. The Community should recognize and promote the fact that the bulk of internet (and thus Mozilla) users are not English speakers.

Please add localizability as a goal of UMO 2.0, so that the majority of Mozilla products' users would benefit from the service. --VilleP 01:44, 7 Jul 2005 (PDT)