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  • absearch server code done, pending a few iterations on the spec - [tarek]
    • we need to add the product/channel/etc array mconnor proposed yesterday
    • I need to add the HB (<30mn work)

  • stage deployed: [bob, dean, tarek]
  • boiler plate for the loadtest done. [tarek]

  • QA process can use the schema [sphilp, karl]
    • post commit hook -> jenkins job in qa jenkins -> "ok" -> push to s3
  • client code attached in "Bug 1175218 - The original default engine should be set per region rather than per locale"
    • need to write tests

Agenda / questions

  • tarek: decide on 404 vs 204 [mconnor, fqueze] tarek: don't matter to me but +0 on 404. no 200 with empty body plz - let find consensus quickly *or* talk about it in whislter.
    • another option would be 200 with a body containing the refresh interval.
  • do we know the final hostname/URL? Or should we land the patch with a temporary one?
      • to be checked by sec team - we might want a specific cert
    • semi-related : can we have an option in about:config to set the endpoint (useful for testing)
      • in the current patch

  • can we omit the cohort value in the server response instead of sending "default"?
    • yes :-)

  • tarek: whislter: I guess we could sit down 1/2 day and finish nailing this thing. mconnor needs a bike.
    • Tuesday afternoon 5pm

  • tarek: ops, are you missing something besides the HB or are we good ?
  • tarek: __heartbeat__ ready? sometimes today. :)
  • florian: how much do we need to record in telemetry?
    • do we need to record the time it takes to get a response from the server?