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George Barnick

Meiko: A LEGO Hero Factory Self-MOC

Web Browser Mozilla Firefox
Version Nightly 8.0a1
OS Windows 7 Professional
Real Name George B.
Age 13
Hometown Fredericksburg, VA
Nationality usa-flag.png United States
Gender Male
Height 5'
Color Dark Red
Food Anything
Animal Dogs & Horses
Web Browser Mozilla Firefox

Okay. First off, I should tell you that I am very good with and love computers and LEGO. Both have been a very big part of my life, and have helped me learn a lot.

About Me

This is in progress (because my life hasn't ended yet)


I started out with LEGO when I was VERY young, and I was actually very good at it. My first themes were some simple Duplo bricks, and Jack Stone. I grew out of Duplo pretty quick, and Jack Stone got discontinued, so I moved on to normal LEGO bricks. My dad got me into LEGO Trains, and my brothers got me into BIONICLE. My first BIONICLE set was Gali Nuva. I had some trouble putting the ball joints together because my fingers were so small, and they'd get pinched in the joints (that was when ball joints were VERY tight). I ended up getting all of the blue and black BIONICLE sets, because we had a color system worked out. My funniest BIONICLE memory was when I got Umbra and I was missing one of his shoulder-armor pieces, and instead got a 1x4 Red LEGO Brick.

I've always played with more than just BIONICLE though. BIONICLE started my interest in TECHNIC, which I have become very good with, though it isn't my favorite theme to build with. I love to make custom LEGO Racers models, like Ferraris, and other real cars. I like making big city layouts with LEGO City, LEGO Trains, etc. I occasionally use LEGO Mindstorms, but I don't have enough money to buy the amount of motors and stuff that I would need to satisfy myself. That reminds me to tell you this: I am EXTREMELY SMART (for my age, and for any other person between the ages of 13 and 24)!! I think LEGO helped with my understanding of a lot of things and how they work. In 2005, my brothers and I each subscribed to LEGO Brickmaster Magazine. They had previously been a member and subscriber of LEGO Club Magazine, since the LEGO Maniac was the mascot. Well, when we got Brickmaster, it was really cool because of all the nice micro-build models. They also got us many useful pieces. When Master Builder Academy came out, I really liked it. It may seem like it's childish and easy, but it's very helpful. The pieces you get on it are very helpful, and you can create many great things. About the same time I got Master Builder academy, my brothers were home from college. That meant I could actually see some of their new sets in real life, like Hero Factory. I hadn't been too impressed by looking at the pictures and pieces online, but once I saw them, I appreciated them from that moment on.

I am very curious, so when I see something, I like to know how it works, how it's made, how it was developed, etc so I usually build it (or something similar) out of LEGO pieces. Ever since LEGO Digital Designer came out, I have been able to satisfy my curiosity at the same time as exercise my love of computers.

I have been a big fan of LEGO all of my life, and I guarantee that that will stay the same as long as I live. I think LEGO is a great thing for kids, and it has sure helped me throughout my life. All it took for me was a few pieces, and I was hooked. I always want more, so I can make things bigger, better, and beyond awesome BBB.

Personal Life

I was born on November 28 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I grew up with my two older brothers, Andrew and Scott. My brothers got into LEGO before I was born, but they spread it to me as soon as I was old enough. We got a dog named Cider around 2000, and she was very cute, but not well-trained. She ended up chewing a lot of our LEGO pieces, most of which were ones we didn't have more of. She still hasn't been trained (the only thing she knows how to do on-command is to sit, and I was EXTREMELY lucky to get her to even learn that), but she has stopped chewing on our bricks.

I went to school in the Fredericksburg City School System until I went to Little Keswick School in beautiful Keswick, VA for 8th grade. I only stayed at Little Keswick for a year, but I got the most out of it. You see, the school is for kids with ADHD and Learning Disabilities, especially social issues. I went there to gain emotional skills. The best things I got from that school were probably friendship, and trust.

I like to spend my time doing things that satisfy my curiosity and knowledge, so if I think of something/wonder something, I'll figure it out by doing it. LEGO helps me do that, but sometimes I'll use a computer instead. I sure am glad that LDD came out! I am exceptionally smart for my age, hence the reason I skipped a grade (4th, to be exact). I potentially could skip another grade, but that would put me in an awkward situation, so no, at least not for now.

I am the most athletic person in my family, which kind of sucks, because I don't have anybody to play sports with. I play basketball, baseball, and spend time with friends playing competitive 4-square. I was on the basketball team and the soccer team at Little Keswick School. I play tennis with friends in Fredericksburg. I play baseball in the summer on a Fredericksburg Parks & Rec team, and my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. I enjoy watching football, but don't get a kick out of playing it. My favorite professional football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I still respect the Washington Redskins. I go to just about every home game for our local high school football team, the James Monroe Yellow Jackets.

I have a VERY large LEGO collection, obvious, given the fact that every room in my house is filled with LEGO (All basement rooms, kitchen, brothers' room, parents' room, my room, den, living room, etc.). I use LEGO pieces at least once a day, on average.

As I have previously mentioned, I am very interested in computers. I started using computers at a young age. I have accomplished many things on computers, like designing many Wikipedia pages, and designing this User Page. However, coding in wiki-text isn't my favorite thing. I like coding in HTML and CSS. I have designed many websites, and coded lots of random things in HTML. I've been testing for Mozilla, using Firefox 8.0a1 (Firefox Nightly). I used to beta-test Google Chrome, but that wasn't much at all. I also test many web-based projects. I participated in Gmail Beta, and other Google projects. I tested many games on, and other LEGO sites. I used to code things in Microsoft Notepad, but I've switched to Adobe Dreamweaver now. I always love to have the latest and greatest software, and I get it ASAP.

At the start of Summer, I usually do a lot of things. As I said earlier, I play baseball for Fredericksburg Parks & Rec. I participate in the The Free Lance-Star Classic Soap Box Derby in Fredericksburg, and I play in the Fredericksburg Parks & Rec Baseball. We also get new Summer LEGO sets when they hit the shelves, usually before others get the chance. When school gets out, it gives me a lot of time to experiment with my LEGO collection, which helps, because we participate in Brickfair each year.

Overall, I like many things. I really like stuffed animals. I have a zoo of them. Around 2004, I got my first stuffed horse, and I loved it. Soon, I was taking horseback-riding lessons. I was a natural at it, the only problem was that I'm extremely allergic to horses. I didn't want to give up riding though, so whenever I ride, I take Claritin before-hand. Nowadays, I'm a very advanced rider, doing things that my riding instructor has never seen before, nor have I. I can jump 51/2 feet, walk, trot (with no hands), canter (with no hands), and gallop (with 1 hand). I can stand up on the saddle at a trot, and many other tricks.

Of my favorite things, I prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi, Microsoft over Apple (except for iPods), and I prefer Nintendo over Xbox & PlayStation.

Professional Life

This section is not yet available.

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