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Long-time Mozilla and former Mosaic/Netscape user,
MozillaZine Forum and Knowledge Base contributor, [1]
occasionally also helping at Mozilla's own forums. [2], [3]

Focus areas: MailNews Core, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird NOTOC


Code contributions checked in:

(a1) Message forward and reply

bug 380354 TB2 adds .eml extension to attached messages, causes virus scanner to complain; TB1.5 was OK - extends bug 220646 and incorporates bug 271211

bug 411572 Unnamed attachments reveal full local paths when forwarded inline or edited as new - extends bug 176016

bug 384599 want pref to quote text attachment in reply - extends bug 161775 which revised bug 358124

bug 230448 (TB) Change default forwarding preference to inline instead of attachment

bug 437139 (TB) Change default reply positioning to "above the quote" for new mail accounts

bug 999269 Forwarding a message without CC header inline gets an empty "CC:" line in header table - regression from bug 842632

bug 1286703 (SM) On reply to a own sent email the original sender identity is not chosen if other than the account default identity - ports TB bug 903390

bug 1298696 (TB) Apply JS code optimizations from SeaMonkey bug 1286703 to Thunderbird bug 903390 - follow-up port for TB

bug 1287753 {SM) In-Reply-To: and References: should be removed from mail saved as Template - ports TB bug 726281 to SM

bug 1303552 {TB) Correct typo in local variable name in SaveAsTemplate() - follow-up fix for bug 726281

(a2) Signature handling

bug 435587 Crash [@ nsMsgCompose::ProcessSignature] when htmlSigText is set but no signature file is given

bug 428040 two blank lines are inserted after signature when top-posting

bug 324495 put signature editing in UI (rather than select a file) - introduces textarea for signature and updates bug 428040 backend

bug 489913 Better documentation for signature/vCard attributes in nsIMsgIdentity.idl - minor updates and corrections of bug 167319 comments

bug 499558 New signature UI with inconsistent "deactive" state if box is checked without file specified - fixes minor glitch in bug 324495 backend

bug 277187 unable to change the "and place my signature" pref if no signature is set - removes dependency of reply settings on presence of a signature

bug 518403 Need extra carriage return at top of message if "include signature for replies" is disabled while sig position is "below my reply" - follow-up to bug 167319 for a missed case

bug 545859 Signature is misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and signature position set to "above quote" - fixes bug 273114 regression

bug 920997 printing of signature is broken, positioning of signature in document subject to bogus offset and cropping - works around bug 700003 triggered by bug 855135/bug 855684

(a3) HTML message composition

bug 384116 Pasting an image from clipboard uses bad quality JPEG-compression (non-user selectable) - extends bug 223909 and bug 393646, complemented by bug 444800

bug 456086 Remove unused clipboard.paste_image_quality preference - envisioned as setting for encoding quality in bug 384116 but not implemented

bug 444898 JPEG writer uses poor quality default options for compression - updated unit tests introduced by bug 389273 for improved encoding parameters

bug 525955 Images added to an HTML message body now get an incorrect "attachment" disposition by default - mitigating fix while waiting for bug 452092 solution

bug 1265246 Move Thunderbird-specific change of editor.CR_creates_new_p default from composer.js to all-thunderbird.js override - restores SM's default

bug 1265920 (TB) Move unrelated paragraph-handling code from cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js to MsgComposeCommands.js - follow-up to bug 330891

bug 1267025 (TB) Fix paragraph handling for ForwardAsAttachment - spun off bug 1265920 to fix a missed case

bug 1267469 (TB) New message invoked from news: URL starts in "Body Text" mode, replies allow undoing <p> insertion

bug 1273841 (TB) Separate Enter key behavior and starting a new message using paragraph format - motivated by SM bug 1265534

bug 1265534 (SM) Make editor.CR_creates_new_p work for Mail & News composition and allow Paragraph mode as default - ports TB bug 330891

(b1) Toolbar buttons and main/context menus

bug 520108 (SM) Drop-down menu of Forward button shows "Attachment" as default, disregards preference setting - updates bug 17796 for correct highlighting

bug 281877 (TB) Thunderbird doesn't have "Copy Image" on context menu - makes the fixes for bug 135300 and bug 291110 available to add image data onto clipboard

bug 521610 (SM) Unwanted shortcuts in Mark dropdown of Mail Toolbar - removes listing of keyboard shortcuts from context menu of toolbar button

bug 528122 (SM) Reposition Archive menuitem next to Move and Copy menus - updates bug 482458 with a partial port of TB bug 525987 patch

bug 652327 (SM) Toolkit's Add-on Manager is now Add-ons Manager, update SeaMonkey's "Tools" menu label - matches bug 554007 string changes

bug 918425 (SM) Print dialog box appears under other open windows for Mail & News - direct port of TB bug 893548 to correct window relationships

bug 1004685 (TB) Rename all occurences of "check" attribute in mailWindowOverlay.xul to "checked" - corrects bug 251296 and bug 650170 typos

bug 1038323 (TB) Clear Recent History menuitem doesn't have a keyboard shortcut - for parity with FF and SM shortcuts

bug 1292364 (SM) Since jsmime.js, no longer possible to use custom addressing headers in mail.compose.other.header - ports TB bug 1250376

(b2) Notification bars and doorhanger menus

bug 653103 (TB) Scam detection generates too many false positives to be useful and should be easier to turn off as interim fix - adds an off switch to notification bar

bug 926473 (TB) Menu label "Disable scam detection for all messages" is ambiguous, too easy to hit after bug 562048 redesign - updates bug 653103

bug 1019986 (SM) Clarify "Don't Show" label in Desktop Notification bar and doorhanger - resolves bug 870413 confusion of per session vs. individual notifications

bug 998787 (SM) Rename options in Geolocation doorhanger notification to disambiguate "Don't Share" vs. "Not Now" - also globally changes "Not Now" to a more specific "Dismiss" label

bug 1019583 (SM) Enable notifications by default again for using offline storage and update Offline Web Applications preference pane - reverts bug 892488 change of default

bug 1025569 (SM) Notifications for requests from Offline Web Applications offer beyond-session options in Private Browsing mode - hides buttons and doorhanger menus in a private window

(b3) Zoom manager backend and menus

bug 667525 (SM) Base the initial "Other" zoom level on a pref rather than a property - use zoom.maxPercent instead to remove localized value

bug 667529 (SM) Don't use the "Other" entry in View → Zoom if a matching menu item is available - resolves ambiguity from bug 386363 rewrite

bug 621823 (SM) Zoom levels in toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues are always reset - allows user-selectable zoom levels with dynamic access keys

bug 672146 (SM) Ensure that valid arguments are passed to Zoom Manager when 100% is not within the allowed min-max range - includes fix for bug 539417 exception

bug 851898 (SM) Zoom will not go past 300%, used to be able to zoom to +/-800% - extends bug 621823 and prepares for bug 1251874

(b4) Search and filter dialogs and menus

bug 530403 (TB) age in days should default to "is less than" - ports SM bug 187741 along with bug 530406 follow-up fix

bug 575018 (TB) Wrong commandkey label Ctrl+G in Edit → Find → Find in this message vs. Find Again - reverts bug 545955 change of cmd_find shortcut label

bug 883482 (SM) Change the checkbox to search only messages saved locally to a more descriptive menulist - extends bug 83968 UI and bug 314966 help text

(b5) Browser dialogs and menus

bug 729633 (SM), bug 730041 (FF) Disable "View Background Image" in context menu for stand-alone video content - account for bug 472942 style changes

bug 1140204 (SM) Rename "Encoding" to "Text Encoding" in Page Info labels - following Toolkit bug 951695

(c1) Theme issues

bug 564280 (TB) Quick-search filter bar background appearance is hard coded, may not work well with desktop theme - updates bug 545955 for non-default Windows themes

bug 849359 (SM) Print button is misaligned in the Composer and Message Composition toolbars with the Modern theme - ports bug 722758 fix for bug 676991 regression

bug 855135 (TB) Change link and signature colors in themes from hard-coded definitions to follow preferences - makes bug 845807 work properly on all platforms

bug 855684 (SM) Use opacity rather than hard-coded colors for signature display - partial bug 855135 port for signature-style adjustments

bug 915909 (SM) SeaMonkey should make use of exif orientation when displaying attached images - ports bug 877520 and bug 879131 CSS rules

bug 917906 (TB) Signature in Gray in Version 24 - reverts part of bug 855135 by restricting transparency to plain-text signatures

bug 929006 (TB) Thunderbird signature detection is recursive - another bug 855135 follow-up for nested plain-text messages

bug 931484 (SM) Apply transparency rule to signatures only once even if they are nested - extends bug 855684 to cover bug 929518 and bug 929006

bug 354940 (SM) Make background color in URL bar for https: more obvious - also extends bug 335113 with a new preference to toggle highlighting of secure sites

bug 936898 (SM) Add global alert icons in missing sizes to the modern theme - spun off bug 842439 to ensure parity with Toolkit themes

bug 1001659 (SM) Update Modern for bug 948901 changes on directory listings - adjustment for Toolkit changes

bug 1124883 (SM) Add missing styles for about:support for modern theme - regression from Toolkit bug 948883

(c2) Window and dialog geometry

bug 1215150 (SM) Browser Preferences dialog's contents clipped at the right - ports bug 868495 to also dynamically adjust the window width

bug 1272888 (SM) Initial Mail & News window width and Preferences dialog can't accommodate Lightning elements - resulting from bug 516026 bundling it by default

bug 983689 (SM) Preferences window is not constrained by screen size and cut off on netbooks - extended port of bug 507640 for Account Manager

bug 433001 (SM) Base default Mail & Newsgroup window size on available screen size - adaption of browser-window bug 432740, making bug 1272888 sizes dynamic

(d) Message header pane

bug 565209 (TB) Preference to show n lines before "more" is shown doesn't display multiple lines if needed - corrects bug 550487 math and allows line wrapping

bug 567062 (TB) Wrong number in "x more" recipients button for singleline case - minor follow-up to bug 550487 and bug 565209, fixing a borderline issue

bug 576611 (TB) Allow address headers to efficiently expand if no "more" is desired - another follow-up to bug 550487, implementing n<1 for "show all" option

bug 601206 (TB) Some email addresses are truncated in headers - handles special singleline case where last address could be cut off without "more" being shown

bug 611738 (SM), bug 610603 (TB) Expand single or last message ID in headers display by default - makes bug 62033 more user friendly

bug 651002 (TB) Single comma only in to or cc field displays cached content, exception in mailWidgets.xml - adds missing bug 563612 index check

bug 732144 (TB) Make caching of message-header address nodes with maxAddressesBeforeMore work again - restores lost bug 499989 functionality

(e1) Mail & News preference settings

bug 441659 (SM) Implement UI for mail.reply_quote_inline pref - front end for bug 384599

bug 448702 (TB) Remove "For messages that contain 8-bit..." - (mail.strictly_mime)

bug 448706 (TB) Remove "Wrap plain text messages at..." - (mailnews.wraplength)

bug 507203 (TB) Advanced preference pane blank on Windows - corrects bug 506544 nesting of pre-processor directives

bug 856454 (SM) Add ability to customize new mail alert information - extends bug 404580 by porting TB bug 360030 and bug 856451 UI additions

bug 866503 (SM) Notifications preference pane doesn't observe locked status for show_alert and show_balloon - corrects bug 856454 logic

bug 867210 (SM) Put "Display emoticons as graphics" in a new line - better solution to bug 608103

bug 872133 (SM) Focus textbox for "seconds" when checking "Show an alert" in Notifications preference pane - port bug 867210 logic to bug 856454

bug 874899 (SM) Hide new options in Notifications preference pane when the old alert is selected - bug 856454 follow-up motivated by bug 840474

bug 902131 (SM) Add note for "legacy content" to Mail & News Character Encoding preferences and update Help - extends bug 895751 port of bug 846221

bug 995706 (SM) Handle mail/news URLs internally by default but make protocol-handler prefs easier accessible in about:config - triggered by Yahoo issue handled in bug 995802

bug 173465 (SM) Add UI for mail/news "network.protocol-handler.external..." preferences - motivated by bug 995706

bug 1020339 (TB) Add UI for disabling and clearing Visited Link/Browsing History - partial FF front-end port for bug 920118

bug 1144719 Allow the user to decide whether or not to use libnotify for new-mail alerts on Linux - introduced a pref to control bug 858919

bug 1144693 Disable libnotify usage on Linux by default for new-mail notifications - until bug 1152773 and bug 1162788 are fixed

bug 1165320 (TB) Ensure that Linux notification tests are based on libnotify - works around test failures from bug 1144719 after bug 1144693

bug 1152644 (SM) Add UI in Notifications preference pane whether or not to use libnotify for new-mail alerts on Linux - options for bug 1144719 toggle

bug 1229270 (SM) Provide UI in Send Format pane for new mailnews.sendformat.auto_downgrade preference - counterpart for TB checkbox introduced in bug 136502

(e2) Browser preference settings

bug 532596 (SM) Set Default Browser button in Preferences disappears if Home Page selection is blank - updates bug 394522 to handle empty home page groups

bug 566484 (SM) Replace "Download retention" with "Download history" in Browser preferences - label changes for bug 487675, updates bug 519332 help text

bug 535128 (SM) Additional home page preferences not cleaned up when reducing the home page group - late follow-up to bug 394522 for bug 410562 changes

bug 842320 (SM) Use "website" rather than "web site" in en-US preference panes - follow-up on bug 423282 for bug 465303 string

bug 874046 (FF) Three-state UI for DNT strings should not end with a period - corrections to labels introduced with bug 765398 for punctuation

bug 947972 (SM) Add checkbox to toggle https: background color in Location Bar preference pane - front-end for preference introduced with bug 354940

bug 958967 (SM) Change mixed content warning default from warn_viewing_mixed to warn_mixed_display_content and remove UI for old preference - complements bug 842191

bug 994093 (SM) Provide toggle for Geolocation service (geo.enabled) in Privacy & Security preference pane - currently disabled for release builds due to bug 903439 missing API key

bug 903439 (SM) Disable Geolocation service while we are waiting for an API key - interim solution to prevent prompting the user for an inactive feature

bug 1127784 (SM) Add a preference and UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions - UI visible in non-release builds only for now

bug 1275679 (SM) Add option to the HTTP Networking preferences to disable Lightning user-agent addition - now that bug 516026 bundles it by default

bug 1271091 (SM) Uncloak the Geolocation preference UI for release builds once this feature is confirmed working - removes exclusion from releases from bug 994093

bug 1352850 (SM) Switch to Google for Geolocation services in all builds - in partial analogy to FF bug 1216662

bug 1366122 (SM) Set privacy.resistFingerprinting to define a default and make it discoverable - mirrors FF bug 1345322

bug 1372614 (SM) Remove HTTP Pipelining preferences UI after bug 1340655 removed support for it

(e3) Security preference settings

bug 835134 (SM) Modify Privacy & Security Preferences UI to reflect recent backend additions - provides UI for bug 477718 and bug 765398 features

bug 845353 (SM) New 3rd-party cookie restriction to visited websites is default but not an option in Cookies pref pane - accounts for bug 818340 changes

bug 861471 (SM) Update the SSL Preference Pane after bug 733642 changed preference names and semantics - SSL/TLS protocol versions selectors

bug 884449 (SM) Update the SSL Preference Pane once TLS 1.2 is implemented and made the default - extension of bug 861471 triggered by bug 733647

bug 919347 (SM) Incorrect label for SSL Warnings preferences in Security Sockets Layer pane - noticed after bug 817441 notification redesign

bug 939481 (SM) No sync preferences defined for some Privacy & Security settings - covers omissions from bug 576970 and bug 835134

bug 892255 (TB) Remove "Revocation Lists" button from Advanced → Certificates options - following removal of CRL management feature by bug 867465

bug 1087529 (TB) Revert do not track preferences to be a simple on/off switch - partial reversal of bug 953426 to account for bug 1042135 reverting bug 765398

bug 1060852 (SM) Expose privacy.trackingprotection.enabled in privacy preferences and account for removal of do-not-track options - port of bug 1031033 and partial reversal of bug 835134

bug 1137991 (SM) Remove SSLv3 option from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences - backend removed by bug 1106470

bug 1141324 (SM) Upgrade the SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences to refer to TLS instead - follows up on bug 1137991

bug 1149581 (SM) Remove SSLv3 strings from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences - wraps up bug 1137991

bug 1258295 (SM) Remove remnants of Security Policies preferences pane - long ago replaced by Privacy & Security pref pane

bug 1259947 (SM) Add kinto-updater and OneCRL preferences to SeaMonkey - from Firefox bug 1227956, bug 1224531, bug 1016555

bug 1266967 (SM) Add kinto blocklist preferences to pick up new addons/plugins/gfx collections - as introduced in bug 1257556

bug 1269773 (SM) Remove Kinto and Safe-Browsing preferences from SeaMonkey's browser-prefs.js - moved to global all.js by bug 1266235

bug 1267631 (SM) Update the SSL/TLS Preference Pane once TLS 1.3 is implemented and ready for prime time - see NSS meta bug 1057463

bug 1352849 (SM) Enable SafeBrowsing v4 tables on SeaMonkey nightly builds - direct port of FF bug 1305486

bug 1366496 (SM) Switch usages of browser.safebrowsing.enabled to browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled - prompted by bug 1025965

(e4) General application preferences

bug 597051 (SM) Correct typo and adjust spacing for new Firefox compatibility UI in the HTTP preference pane - minor updates to bug 591327 label and layout

bug 639968 (SM) Add checkbox to Software Installation preferences to opt out of personalized add-on recommendations - follows up on bug 606482, bug 635115

bug 571527 (SM) Add pref default for automatic vs. ask-me add-on update - initializes autoUpdateDefault from bug 586574 now that bug 606482 uses it in the UI

bug 1018666 (FF), bug 1018718 (TB) Capitalize accesskeys correctly in Colors preferences - late fix along Mozilla Suite bug 189315

bug 1108189 (SM) Color preference pane needs to be adjusted after bug 639134 changed boolean browser.display.use_document_colors to tristate - adds accessibility theme exception

bug 1190233 (SM) "Default" permissions being added to an existing profile without user's consent or awareness - limits whitelist introduced by bug 1072751

bug 1259422 (SM) Re-order entities in preferences.dtd to match Preferences dialog and remove unused strings - housekeeping for easier maintenance

bug 1251874 (SM) Allow modification of minimum/maximum zoom levels in Content preference pane - for enabling the full range of bug 851898 levels

bug 1269133 (SM) Remove add-on compatibility check from application update - following Toolkit bug 1262880, also ports bug 1268340

bug 1275908 (SM) Remove pref for "Update Installed" interface - app.update.showInstalledUI was retired in bug 1274487

bug 1297546 (FF) Title of Default Developer Tools in Toolbox Options should not hard-code the application name - removes explicit "Firefox"

bug 1287289 (SM) Add checkboxes to open the data manager and the addon manager in standalone windows instead of a browser tab - UI for bug 1255354

bug 1366593 (SM) Don't run old migration code every time at startup, only when suite.migration.version doesn't exist yet - follows up on bug 1331477

(f) Account setup and management

bug 410597 "Disk Space" account settings ambiguous for IMAP and POP accounts - introduces server-specific labels for retention periods

bug 478605 Rename "Offline" tab and "Syncing" pane labels to "Synchronization" for IMAP accounts - updates bug 436615 labels

bug 326584 Message Aging: clean up UI, remove "Always delete read messages" checkbox - (keepUnreadOnly), includes bug 497383 fix for bug 324147 regression

bug 464355 Retention policy option "Use server defaults" incorrectly described - clarifies label in folder properties

bug 515614 Inconsistent representation of "All" for new autosync_max_age_days preference - updates bug 510707 backend

bug 515842 Make labels for IMAP autosync policies more descriptive to avoid mixup with retention settings - separates options better and updates bug 510707 labels

bug 641331 (TB) Remove duplicate string definition in - minor follow-up to bug 549045 redesign of the auto-configuration wizard

bug 657218 UI for new archive granularity uses false accesskey entity for keepArchives - fixes bug 607295 access-key mixup for new checkbox

bug 830177 (TB) Typographic fix in Account Provisioner labels - changes bug 686347 labels from UTF-8 to ASCII apostrophes

bug 880464 Setting up an RSS account first should not make it the default account - generalizes bug 66460 beyond NNTP and corrects bug 422814 logic

bug 916823 Change Folder Properties labels for incoming mail character encoding from "default" to "fallback" after bug 846221 introduced it for browser prefs

bug 1238266 Move hidefor attribute from IDLE checkbox to surrounding vbox - follow-up fixes for bug 449021

bug 1238374 Access key conflict for new IDLE checkbox in IMAP Server Settings - for en-US locale only

bug 1280058 Warning for destructive retention settings for POP and IMAP accounts shouldn't be shown for Local Folders - follows up on bug 582170

(g) Mail and application backend

bug 439731 Reloading of read messages when using IMAP account (enable disk cache) - extends bug 450456 to IMAP messages

bug 527315 Unsolicited capabilities in tagged IMAP responses not correctly parsed, last token not recognized - updates bug 470650 for correct bracket handling

bug 627999 Some "-compose" command line options won't work if they are the first or only argument - extends bug 316177 to recognize additional options

bug 629247 (TB) Remove 4MB limit for memory cache and base it on physical memory size instead - effectively ports bug 309729 and bug 296538 to Thunderbird

bug 724450 (SM), bug 734544 Replace last Application.prefs uses by Services.prefs in SeaMonkey / MailNews Core - simplifies handling of preferences with defaults

bug 834028 Wrong parameter name for fEAlert method in nsIImapServerSink interface - minor follow-up to bug 137489

bug 857647 Don't show balloon notification on new mail if tray icon is disabled - adjusts bug 605972 logic for bug 856454

bug 861633 (FF) Typo in new TLS sync preferences introduced with bug 733642 - noticed during SeaMonkey bug 861471

bug 672988 (TB) places.sqlite created when I click on a link in a message, wastes disk space - minimizes chunk increments with pref introduced by bug 762083

bug 920118 (TB) Make "visited link" coloring work in Thunderbird - enable and use Places for browsing history when clicking content and UI links

bug 1078306 (SM) Add Windows 10 as supported OS version to SeaMonkey's exe manifest - port of bug 1076926 to recognize the new Windows flavor

bug 912216 Temporarily disable CONDSTORE support for GMail - flips the default for IMAP accounts while waiting for related bugs to be fixed

bug 1032302 8BITMIME keyword ignored in EHLO greeting, BODY=8BITMIME absent in MAIL request for 8-bit transfers - increase compliance with RFC 6152

bug 533984 (Cal) Make the description of the Lightning XPI generic and application independent - in light of SM bug 516026

bug 1275941 (Cal) Trim white-space characters from calendar.useragent.extra to avoid redundant spaces in the user-agent string

bug 1241622 (SM) Switch SeaMonkey to HTTP/NNTP/IMAP cache v2 - after bug 1021843 made it work for MailNews as well

(h1) Mail & News help content

bug 415483 (SM) Wrong statements and inconsistent formatting for forwarding mode in mail_help.xhtml

bug 489169 (SM) Help update for signature-related settings in Composition & Addressing - covers new features introduced by bug 167319, bug 273114, and bug 324495

bug 474525 (SM) Help update for Synchronization & Storage (Disk Space) settings - documents bug 410597, bug 436615, and bug 478605 changes

bug 515523 (SM) Help update for new time-policy IMAP autosync settings - extends synchronization section of bug 474525 with bug 510707 and bug 515842 additions

bug 608152 (SM) Clarify and update help for Copies & Folders Account Settings - documents additions from bug 269728, bug 301084, and part of bug 451995

bug 868419 (SM) Update Help for Mail & News Message Display preference pane - documents bug 80574, bug 309057, and bug 867210

bug 1009233 (SM) Help on mail account settings for authentication method needs updating - reflect UI changes made in bug 525238 and extends glossary

bug 1237835 (SM) Document IMAP IDLE setting which bug 449021 moved to main account settings screen - Server Settings pane

(h2) Browser help content

bug 519332 (SM) Update help for new download manager preferences - documents changes by bug 490464 and new bug 487675 options

bug 842324 (SM) Use "website" rather than "web site" in en-US help content - follow-up on bug 423282 for additional cases and links

bug 416234 (SM) Add Clear Private Data (preferences and menu) documentation to Help - documents bug 416233 additions

bug 771534 (SM) Create Help documentation for the Preference Pane for Offline Applications - implemented in bug 758677

bug 852809 (SM) Explain what happens when Safe Browsing blocks a website - further additions to bug 631566

bug 872000 (SM) Document the new Private Browsing feature in Help - for implementation in bug 837492 and related as listed in meta bug 460895

bug 897233 (SM) Change keyboard shortcut and correct typo in Help for Private Browsing feature - updates bug 872000 shortcut due to bug 891081

bug 902068 (SM) Update labels for default character encoding in Help for the Languages preference pane - documents label changes from bug 895751

bug 904189 (SM) Document new options for mixed content blocker in SSL preference pane - additions from bug 842191 for new bug 62178 feature

bug 1245110 (SM) Remove help about (now removed) "Ask for each cookie" option in preferences dialog - documents bug 1235199

bug 494424 (SM) Update help for geolocation - documents bug 994093 and adds general information on location-aware browsing

(h3) General help content

bug 641252 (SM) Update help for redesigned Software Installation preferences - documents redesign by bug 606482 and further changes from bug 639968

bug 652328 (SM) Update help for redesigned Add-ons Manager - see dependencies for meta bug 561600 and Toolkit tracking bug 461973

bug 844611 (SM) Use entity rather than fixed string for "SeaMonkey" in help content - also modernizes user-agent information example

bug 631566 (SM) Document the main Privacy & Security pref pane - includes new options introduced by bug 835134

bug 844823 (SM) Add a tutorial section on User Tracking to privacy_help.xhtml - covers aspects from bug 572650, bug 765398, and bug 818340

bug 847182 (SM) Extend Glossary with new Privacy & Security terms - also follows up on bug 631566, bug 771534, and bug 844823

bug 892060 (SM) Remove Help page for Validation preference pane and update sections mentioning CRL management - following bug 810672 and bug 886099

bug 1102576 (SM) Extend help for tracking protection by descriptions for new notification bar and its preference - introduced by bug 1078740

bug 1139004 (SM) Rename all "Character Encoding" to "Text Encoding" in Help content - following Toolkit bug 951695, SM bug 1138964 and bug 1140204

(i) Special about: pages

bug 893547 (SM) About SeaMonkey page claims to be on the "default" update channel for 2.20b1 and later - corrects bug 735333 and bug 677010

bug 893740 (SM) Make better use of Services.* in SeaMonkey's about.xhtml page - applies services introduced with bug 558287 and bug 548627

bug 842439 (SM) Improve style and rearrange content of the about:privatebrowsing page - finalizes the initial bug 837493 design of the Private Browsing page

bug 989780 (SM) Untrust about:life page - remove as priviledged page to avoid having to deal with bug 960566 for it once bug 923902 lands

bug 989776 (SM), bug 989777 (SM) Move inline scripts for SeaMonkey's main about.xhtml and aboutPrivateBrowsing.xul pages into separate files

bug 994849 (SM) Move inline scripts and styles for security-related about: XHTML pages into separate files - part of bug 960566 again

bug 993845 (SM), bug 993847 (SM) Move event handling for SeaMonkey's aboutSessionRestore.xhtml and aboutSyncTabs.xul pages into aboutSessionRestore.js and aboutSyncTabs.js

bug 844098 (SM) Update about:rights content for Safe Browsing based on Toolkit bug 514817 and separate inline scripts

bug 1015924 (SM) Focus cursor on address bar when opening new private window - port of FF bug 471512

bug 1016577 (SM) Update about:rights content for Geolocation service - continues where bug 844098 left off

bug 1287642 (SM) Open as dialog for Add-ons and Data Managers should no longer be associated with

Concept contributions: