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Mozilla uses the Vidyo video conferencing system for meetings. At the moment, because the Vidyo system requires an LDAP login, only Mozilla employees can initiate meetings. However, non-employees can take part in such meetings using a guest URL. URLs can be to the room itself, for full participation (recommended) or a webcast version for viewing only.

To generate such a URL, from a desktop client, the room admin or owner should:

  • Open the Vidyo Desktop client and login
  • Click on "My Room" once, which will open a new window
  • In the new window, click on the little gear icon "Control Meeting"
  • Create links if they do not exist, or copy them if they do
  • Send them to potential participants

Note that the URLs are stable until explicitly regenerated, and so can be created and circulated ahead of time. If you regenerate the URL, it invalidates all older URLs. You can optionally set a PIN on the room or webcast link, although doing so regenerates the URL.

Note that it seems that if you do "Create New", it sticks even if you don't click "Save".


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