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Addonsicon.png Web Builder 2012 Roadmap
Owner: Daniel Buchner Updated: 2012-03-1
For 2012, we will be working on two primary initiatives: launching the Add-on Builder website in its current state and transitioning the product to a more generic Web Builder to support rapid development of all developer-facing Mozilla platforms (add-ons, apps, etc.)

MISSION: Enable rapid development for our application platforms

Provide web developers with a robust, browser-based environment that makes creation, publishing, and maintenance of Mozilla product platform applications dead simple.

Q1 2012 - Launch the Add-on Builder website


In its first publicized release, the Add-on Builder will be launched as a website under the AMO domain. The application will undergo hardening and extensive triage during the month of January. In parallel, we will be working with Marketing and PR to generating a marketing plan that targets a much broader audience of developers from those who have never developed an add-on to those who do it professionally.

When the Add-on Builder team, and associated stakeholders, agree the product has reached a 1.0 launch-ready state, we will solidify a launch date (initial target is mid February), and begin executing our marketing plan.

The team will reserve the entire week following the launch to monitor the product. During this post-launch monitoring period, all members of the primary Builder team will be on-call to address any issues that may arise.

Goals & Actions

  • Develop 1.0 test plan - mid January
  • Develop 1.0 marketing plan - mid January
  • Launch and triage the Add-on Builder 1.0 release - mid February
  • Begin blueprinting the structure of the Builder as an app - late February

Q2/Q3.5 2012 - Implement the Builder as a modular app


Morph the Add-on Builder into a more general platform for web-centric development that caters to the unique needs of the Add-on SDK team and the Apps team, without hard-coding the Builder to those use-cases. The app will be retooled to leverage/dog-food various systems, conventions, and pluggable code libraries that have been deployed by teams across the organization, this includes the open web app platform, Orion editor, dev tools, etc.

Goals & Actions

  • Develop the structural/foundation Builder app code - late March
  • Implement a system for extending the basic Builder app - early May
  • Develop an extension package to support the Add-on SDK project type - early June
  • Move Add-on/Library search into Add-on SDK project type - early June
  • Expose the Add-on/Library search on a Mozilla web property - early June
  • Implement a system for discovering new Builder extensions - early July
  • Release a preview of the appified Builder on the app/add-on market - early September
  • Surface Builder UI touch-points in Firefox - early October

Q4 2012 - Ready the new Add-on Builder app for launch in Firefox


This final period in 2012 will be dedicated to testing the appified Builder and preparing a marketing plan for our public launch with a UI presence in Firefox. Testing for this release will also include a more detailed security review and additional layers of QA.

Goals & Actions

  • Develop and execute appified Builder test plan - late October
  • Develop and begin appified Builder marketing plan - late October
  • Launch and triage the Web Builder 1.0 release - late November