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Breakpad Integration into Mozilla

Breakpad is a set of libraries for client-side crash reporting. This page talks about integrating breakpad with Mozilla products. Breakpad was formerly called airbag. The libraries are being developed as a narrowly scoped Google code project. The breakpad libraries do not provide any crash-reporting UI, nor do they provide a server.

Our implementation has three parts:

  • Client integration to handle crash reporting so a central server can aggregate crash data to help improve our products.
  • A server that collects and processes collected crash data and uses a symbol server to convert raw dumps into readable stack traces. The processor can insert the resulting data into a database.
  • A web interface for viewing and parsing crash reports, called Socorro.

More information, source code, and mailing lists for breakpad library development can be found at the Breakpad Project Site.


Most current development on the full platform is on the Socorro page. Information on this page refers only to the crash reporter.

Integration Team

Contact the team at or the #breakpad channel on

There is a public mailing list at