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Socorro is the name for the Mozilla Crash Stats project. It is an open source project which other companies are also using for crash statistics.


Breakpad is a set of libraries by Mozilla products for client-side crash reporting.

Socorro is a server for collecting, processing and reporting on crashes from Breakpad.

How to file a bug for Socorro

Thanks for finding and reporting a bug!

If this is your first time filing a bug with Bugzilla, you may find this Guided Bug Entry form useful. You can leave the Version set to 'unspecified' if you don't know which version of Socorro you are using.

If you're well-versed with Bugzilla, you may find our Regular Bug Entry form more to your liking. The important fields to set in this form are: component, summary, description, and (if known) assignee, blockers, depends. Don't worry, we'll set the values of the fields you don't have answers for.

Documentation on installing Socorro

Documentation on installing Socorro is at Socorro Documentation on

Contributing to Socorro

The Socorro project is currently hosted on Github at

Socorro is an open source project and we welcome code contributions. You may use Bugzilla to browse through open Socorro bugs or add a new Socorro bug.

Writing tools to use Socorro data

Here are some examples of tools people have written to use or analyze crash-stats data.

You can test and learn about the Socorro API here:

Or for internal Mozilla, use, the Middleware API is documented here:

Staging and Testing

  • Travis watches for checkins, runs unit/functional tests
  • QA has Selenium tests on a separate Jenkins instance (runs against staging)

There is an extraction script to create a copy of the production PostgreSQL database containing only a few weeks of data. It is documented in ExtractDBscript.


Contact Us

We will be happy to answer your questions to help you get your Socorro install up off the ground. You may contact the Socorro team at either: