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Now that it’s go time, it’s helpful to share with the engagement team, as well as the broader organization. When Mozillians are informed they can be great about championing initiatives and ultimately, expanding the reach of our marketing efforts. Here are some suggested steps:

  • Provide an initiative overview at a monthly engagement meeting following your kick off meeting.
  • Arm your fellow engagement team members with the “elevator” pitch on your initiative. Something along the lines of what:
    • What you're doing
    • Why you’re doing it (tie this into our topline organization goals)
    • What it aims to achieve
    • How it’s best to participate or support as a Mozillian.
    • Where people can follow on for updates and additional participation opportunities.
  • You can share more broadly (and the above points) to drive excitement via:
    • A Monday project meeting (or a Mozillians-only Town Hall if it needs to be kept secret)
    • Share with Mozillians on Yammer
    • Email to staff and/or Mozilians
    • A Mozilla or personal blog post
  • After the initiative is complete, make sure you close the loop by communicating the outcome of the initiative.