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The project check-in meeting is a standard weekly meeting that should happen across all projects. The purpose of the meeting to ensure that all key team members and stakeholders are aligned on what needs to happen to ensure a successful outcome. The project check-in meeting should be organization and managed by either the accountable person on the project or another person defined on the RASCI. The agenda, notes, and action items for this meeting should be captured notes hub and should be linked off of the project hub.

What should you review during the check-in meeting?

Review Project Action Items

At your last check-in meeting, there are probably unanswered questions or actions that came from those discussions. Review those items and if they are complete make a note. If they previous action items are not complete, please investigate why and what can be done to get these resolved.

Upcoming & Past Activities

Reviewing accomplishments from the previous week and discussing upcoming activities is critical to keep momentum in a project. There will more likely always be work to do and it is important to discuss priorities where what should be done next to ensure the project stats on schedule.

Evaluate any new risks

Is there any internal or external forces that may impact this project? Is there something about the project that was not known before that could impact the timeline or deliverables? If so, please make sure it is noted and decide what you are going to do about it. It may require change the schedule, scope, or changes to resources.

Acknowledge contributors

Do you have any new contributors on your project that have done an outstanding job? if so, consider ways that you can acknowledge their contributions. The Mozilla-wide weekly meetings, twitter mentions, or sending some swag is just a few ways to that we can recognize how much we appreciate their work.

Project team member status

Ask each person defined on the RASCI if they have any scheduled PTO, work weeks, or any other out-of-office coming up in near future. It is important that you know these events ahead of time so that it can be planned around and to minimize the impact to the project.

Meeting Template

== Attendees ===


== Agenda ===

Previous Action Items


What's Happened In The Last Week


What's Happening This Week


Schedule & Milestones


Any New Risks?


Any contributors to acknowledge?


== Meeting Notes ==


== Action Items ==


== Any upcoming Out-of-Office? ===


== Reference Links ==

* Schedule:
* Project Hub:
* Tracking Bug: