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Mozilla Tamil l10n Team

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How to join this l10n team

1. Any new contributor wants to join Tamil, can join mailing lists of Tamil Mailing List and also join Mozilla L10N

2. Introduce yourself on the mailing list explaining why you wants to contribute by writing in Tamil l10n.

3. Tamil language community would assess their translation skills and accordingly decide the further plan.

4. We also divide work according to the load we have, say somebody works on Firefox, somebody on Thunderbird and so on.

5. Every contributor discuss with other members on the mailing list whenever he or she faces any issue.

Newbie Training and Recognition Process

Initial on-line training(30min - 1 hour):

Why/What we are going to do?
* L10n contribution may be less, but quality matters for Tamil
Tools Training * Pootle (https://mozilla.locamotion.org/ta/) * Pontoon (https://pontoon.mozilla.org/ta/)
Offline Translation Tool * Virtaal - Download
Language Tool - Tamil Grammar checker * https://languagetool.org/ - Select Tamil and past your Tamil Phrase to check
QA * Firefox for Desktop(Developer Edition) * Firefox for Android * mozilla.org
Communication Channel * Wiki/Mailing list

Work Assignments:

Initial work to be assigned(100 - 200 Strings).
* Review of the assigned work.
* Feedback after review.
Second round of work to be assigned(200-500 Strings).
* Review of the assigned work.
* Feedback after review.
If needed additional training is required, assign a project as per the requirement.

Next Steps:

* Grant submit access for that project.
* Download Mozilla Firefox Tamil Developer Edition
* Quarterly recognition for Old and New contributors!

Bug Tracking

Registration New bug

Tamil Mailing List

Tamil Mailing List


Present Owner
Arun Prakash [LDAP Access: Yes]

Active team members

Name Email Nickname Role Hg Access? Pootle Sumbit Access? Locality
Arun Prakash arunprakash.pts(at)gmail.com AP Tamil Owner Yes Yes Tamil Nadu - India
Arun Kumar thangam.arunx(at)gmail.com AK Admin No Yes KL - Malaysia
Khaleel Jageer jskcse4(at)gmail.com Khaleel Translator No No Tamil Nadu - India
Mohammed Ammar ksmammar(at)gmail.com ksmammar Reviewer No Yes(from Jan 2017) Tamil Nadu - India
Paramesvari Ramasamy paramesvariramasamy(at)gmail.com Paramesvari Trainee No No KL - Malaysia
Devinthoran moganadevinthoran(at)gmail.com Mogana Trainee No No KL - Malaysia

Past Team Members

Name Email Role
Shantha Kumar shantha.thamizh [AT] gmail [DOT] com Contributor
Sri Ramadoss M amachu [at] yavarkkum [dot] org Contributor
I Felix ifelix25 [at] gmail [dot] com Contributor
Veerakumar R veerakumar.r [at] gmail [dot] com Contributor
Jayaradhaa jayaradhaa [at] rediffmail [dot] com Contributor
RKVS Raman rkvsraman [at] gmail [dot] com Contributor
C.M.Elanttamil elantamil [AT] gmail [DOT] com Contributor
S. Muguntharaj mugunth [AT] gmail [DOT] com Founder/Contributor
Ve. Elanjelian tamiliam [AT] gmail [DOT] com Founder/Contributor