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  • Warn #developers IRC channel and the sheriffs.
  • Use to close the trees.
    • Please use the "Remember previous state" option, so you can easily restore the previous status messages when you are finished (there will be a restore button at the bottom of the page).
    • In order to change tree statuses, your browserID email needs to be added with sheriff permissions (ping edmorley/philor/catlee or ask in #developers).
  • Reload TreeStatus to confirm the status has changed.

The following trees at minimum should be closed when there is a general infrastructure problem

  • mozilla-central
  • mozilla-inbound
  • mozilla-aurora
  • mozilla-beta
  • mozilla-esr*
  • mozilla-b2g*
  • gaia -- treestatus plus the following:
    • While Gaia is listed on Treestatus, it's a no-op closure from there (mainly useful to consumers of the Treestatus API for knowing the current state).
    • To actually close Gaia, someone in the Owners group will need to go the Github settings page and remove the Chefs and Cooks teams from the collaborators listing
    • Once the event is over, those teams can be re-added to "open" Gaia once again.