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  • Add -mgmt to the end of the hostname, e.g.,

If you click "System Information", you can get a snapshot of the current screen image, although often the screen has blanked due to inactivity. "Remote Control" is your friend otherwise - it gives you access to the system's power control and to a remote-video Java application.

If the management interface doesn't work, file a bug for "Server Operations: RelEng" to have a look.

  • bld-lion-r5, talos-r4-lion and talos-r5-mntlion slaves
    • go to inventory and find the system.pdu value
    • append to the URL (ignore the last three letters)
    • go to "outlet control"
    • find the three letter entry and change the dropbox value to "reboot"
    • go to the bottom and hit "apply"
  • linux[64]-ix-slaves
    • go to the inventory and find the "OOB Ip:" URL and click on it