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What is Test Pilot?


Test Pilot is a series of stepping stones intended to take a rough concept to a shipping Firefox feature or Add-on.

Test Pilot combines iterative prototyping, user research, and an opt-in user-facing testing platform. Experiments will go through phases which are designed to evaluate new feature concepts quickly and at low cost.

Test Pilot will let us take larger risks with product concepts, giving us a cheap avenue to test and validate product concepts.

Visit https://testpilot.firefox.com/ to try it out!

Read our Mission and Vision statements

How does Test Pilot Work?

Each phase of Test Pilot consists of prototype building and evaluation through user testing. Only in the third phase is any prototype deployed to the Test Pilot application itself.


The following diagram provides a more detailed view of the process:

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Who is the Audience for Test Pilot?

Test Pilot is for people who like Firefox.

  • They consciously choose to use Firefox
  • They appreciate our unique community
  • Not afraid of trying new things
  • Don’t need to be technical

Test Pilot is currently in development for Desktop Firefox. We are interested in exploring similar systems on our mobile platforms, but do not have user stories for these cases at this time.

Who Builds and Manages Test Pilot?

Test Pilot is run by two groups of people: the Build Team responsible for day to day engineering, UX, and product processes and Mission Control, a group of cross-disciplinary members of the Firefox team tasked with steering individual projects and the Test Pilot project as a whole.

Team members are amplifiers for people participating in the program. When a person or group submits an idea to Test Pilot they are starting a process in which they should expect to be involved until a conclusion is reached.

Test Pilot team members help participants progress through the Test Pilot process in whichever ways are needed - from boiling an idea down to get at a measurable core concept, documenting an idea thoroughly, iterating on designs and prototypes, assisting with coding, communicating with appropriate teams around Mozilla, and helping uplift a successful idea to its next stage in life. An analogy could be made between Test Pilot team members and consultants.

How Can I Contribute To Test Pilot?

If you have an idea, feel free to reach out

Or just chat with a Build Team member individually

Product User Experience Engineering QA
John Gruen (irc: jgruen) Sharon Bautista (irc: sharon) Wil Clouser (irc: clouserw) Peter deHaan (irc:pdehaan)
Cory Price (irc: ckprice) Sevaan Franks (irc: sevaan) Chuck Harmston (irc: chuck) Paul Oiegas (irc: pauloiegasSV)
Jared Hirsch (irc: _6a68) Cosmin Muntean (irc: CosminMCG)
Dave Justice (irc: JSON_voorhees)
Les Orchard (irc: lorchard)
Danny Coates (irc: dcoates)
Donovan Preston (irc: fzzzy)

Come to our meetings!

You can also import this calendar into any iCal-capable calendar application.

Many of our meetings have public meeting notes.

Active contributors are welcome to attend our meetings (if you're new to the project, it's best to start the conversation on IRC or the mailing list). Mozilla uses Vidyo for videoconferencing, which offers two ways to connect:

  1. Install the Vidyo client by following this link, then connect to the TestPilot room.
  2. Dial in: the number is +1 800 707 2533, password 369, extension 9-8858. Dial "*1" to mute yourself once you connect.

Looking for code?

Test Pilot is made up of a server and an add-on -- you can check out the code on Github. You should also read about what we're working on in our current sprint.

Product Planning and User Experience

Found a bug?

You can ask questions or leave comments in our Discourse user forums.

If you'd like to file a bug, Test Pilot and its experiments use Github Issues for bug tracking:

Website URLs

List of Test Pilot Experiments

Experiment Pipeline

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